Avian and Exotic Medicine Club

Club member, Victoria Wang, is assisting with treatments for the screech owl.  Members are able to help with the treatment crew in the CAPE ward of the VMTH.


Presidents: Picture of Courtney Berger         Picture of Mike Armer     
Courtney Berger and Mike Armer         
Junior Presidents: Athena Jenny

Athena Gianopoulos

and Jennifer Norman
Secretary: Jacob
Jacob Tupper
Treasurer: Mariana
Mariana Turner
Rounds Coordinators: Emma Picture of Jessica Richardson
Emma Choi and Jessica Richardson
Wetlabs: Amy Nancy
Amy Lin and Nancy Sinai and Karen Sorenson


Kristen Hascall and Elizabeth Rosalia                         
CAPE Tx Crew: Caitlin
Caitlin Majeczky
Symposium Coordinators: Picture of Amanda Silverman
Amanda Silverman and Rachel Baden
LeFeber  Rep:
Cheryl Yashar
Harrison's Rep: Jenny
Jennifer Norman

Oxbow Rep:

Picture of Vanessa Chen
Vanessa Chen
Kyle Abbott