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Equine Health Symposium


2018 Symposium Theme: "Full Circle: Equine Health for All Ages"

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Labs Offered in Past Years:

Toxic Plant Identification

Take a walk through the UC Davis Toxic Plant garden and learn to identify various plants that can be toxic to your horse as well as the clinical horse your horse might exhibit if it happens to get into something toxic.

Distal Limb Anatomy and Dissection

See what your horse's leg looks like underneath the skin!  In this lab, you'll get to visualize the complex architecture of tendons, ligaments, and joints that make up your horse's lower leg and learn about the common problems that can occur in these structures to cause lameness.

Common Dental Problems

Learn all about the things that can go wrong with your horse's teeth and why routine dental care is so important.  Also, learn how to estimate the age of a horse by looking at their teeth and more fun facts straight from the horse's mouth!

Treating Your Horse at Home

Ever wonder what's the proper way to manage a wound or give an intramuscular injection?  Want to learn the best way to give eye medications to your horse?  Learn how to provide basic care for your horse at home in this hands-on workshop.

Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting expert, Robyn Drake, will be taking you through her process of finding the best saddle for your horse in this interactive demonstration.  For more information about Robyn, please visit her webiste http://drakesaddlesavvy.com/about/

Foot Abscess Care

Learn from our very own UC Davis farrier, Shane Westman, how to manage an abscess at home using basic products that can be found at your local hardware shop and feed store.  In the lab, you will get to practice these techniques using simulated horse feet!

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