FARM Club wins national competition!

The FARM Club at UC Davis is proud to announce that we have WON the BCF National University Competition of 2013.

We are excited and honored by the support we have received.

In February 2013, the UC Davis FARM Club entered a national competition through a company called BCF Technology for veterinary medicine university organizations to win a new ultrasound machine and training course.

The competition judged our knowledge, creativity, and desire for the ultrasound machine. The contest began with a photo round, then a judged written article, and was narrowed down to the top 8 universities for video voting. We created a music video that showed why we need a new ultrasound machine and our enthusiasm for veterinary medicine. We had a lot of fun creating it, and hope you have just as much fun watching it!

This is an invaluable experience for our members, and will help future students for years to come. Ultrasound education is very important in our field, because many large animal veterinarians rely on ultrasound machines to provide accurate and efficient diagnostic information. We have been overwhelmed with support from local organizations, agricultural organizations, and the community. We want to thank everyone who came together to help us win the competition. This truly makes a difference in our veterinary education.

*Check out the UCD FARM Club competition entry online at:

FARM Club Facebook

UCD FARM Club Cow-lifornia Girls Video

UCD FARM Club Cowlifornia Girls Video with captions

UCD FARM Club Cowlifornia Girls Video Bloopers

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