Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine Club

Club Officers


Kelsey Tanner, Class of 2016

Sarah Woods, Class of 2016


Hannah MacDonald, Class of 2017

Jennifer Keithl, Class of 2017


Jim Kincheloe, Class of 2016


Kelly London, Class of 2017

Senior Wet Lab Coordinator:

Kelly Pipkin, Class of 2016

Amanda Hefner, Class of 2016

Wet Lab Coordinators:

Janine Fassler, Class of 2017

Calf Team Coordinator:

Tara Urbano, Class of 2016

Julie Conner, Class of 2016

Rounds Coordinator:

Blanca Camacho, Class of 2016 

Tamara Carney, Class of 2017


Jacob Murphy, Class of 2016

Vicky Yang, Class of 2018