Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club


Resources: Organizations and Teaching Institutes

AAVA: American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture
Email: office@aava.org
P.O. Box 1532
Longmont CO 80502-1532
720-652-4099 fax

AHVMA: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
Email: office@ahvma.org
2218 Old Emmorton Road
Bel Air, Maryland 21015
410-569-2346 fax
A quarterly journal is available to vet students at a subscription rate of $20/year.

AVCA: American Veterinary Chiropractic Association
Email: amvetchiro@aol.com
442154 E 140 Rd
Bluejacket, OK 74333
918-784-2675 fax

AVH: The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
PO Box 9280
Wilmington, Delaware 19809

Chi Institute
Email: register@tcvm.com
9700 West Hwy 318
Reddick, FL 32686
352-591-2854 fax

Colorado VMA's Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians Program
Email: info@colovma.org
191 Yuma St
Denver, CO 80223
303-318-0450 fax

CSU Center for Comparative and Integrative Pain Medicine
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Colorado State University
300 West Drake Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80523
970-297-1275 fax

IVAS: International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
1730 South College Ave, Suite 301
Fort Collins, CO 80525
970-266-0777 fax

The Healing Oasis Wellness Center
Email: howc@thehealingoasis.com
2555 Wisconsin St
Sturtevant WI 53177
262-886-6460 fax

Resources: Articles

Homeopathic Medicine and Flower Essence Therapy by Dr Christina Chambreau
Introduction to Homeopathy by Dr Christina Chambreau
Feeding the Healthy Pet by Dr Christina Chambreau

Resources: Books

Please visit Redwing Books for a wide selection of books on holistic health.

Books specifically about holistic veterinary medicine:
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies by D. Bensky & R. Gamble
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica by D. Bensky & R. Gamble
Clinical Handbook of Chinese Prepared Medicine by Chun-Han Zhu
Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine by Allen Schoen & Susan Wynn
The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliet de Bairacli Levy
Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn
The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care by C. J. Puotinen
Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs by Cheryl Schwartz
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine by Nigel Wiseman & Andrew Ellis
Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies edited by M. Snader
Herbs for Pets by Mary L. Wulff-Tilford
The Holistic Veterinary Handbook by William G. Winter
Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard & Kerry L. Brown
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton
Homeopathic Treatment of Birds by Beryl Chapman
Love, Miracles and Animal Healing by Allen Schoen
Natural Dog Care by Celeste Yarnall
Natural Food Recipes for Healthy Dogs by Carol Boyle
Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Pet Diet by Kymythy R. Schultze
The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein
Symptoms and Treatments by Using Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas, compiled by Drs. Kris K. Yang & Diana X. H. Deng
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine by Huisheng Xie
Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs by Martin Zucker
Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine by Allen Schoen
Veterinary Aromatherapy by N. Grosjean
The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure by A. Snow and N. Zidonis

Resources: Websites

AltVetMed: An excellent site for information & links regarding Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary NAET Training: Nambrudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique