Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club

2013 HVMC Symposium Schedule

An Integrative Approach to Chronic Disease and Pain Management

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Small Animal



Dr. Richard  Palmquist: Integrative Approach to Western Medicine

10-11:50a Dr. Paula J. Broadfoot: Functional Foods and Regenerative Supplements Dr. Sarah le Jeune: Integrative Medicine in Sport Horses: Lameness and Back Pain


1-1:50p Dr. Robert Silver: Integrative Oncology: Blending the Best of Conventional with Evidence-Based and Supportive Complementary Therapies
Dr. Kevin May: Acupuncture and Temporomandibular Joint Pain
2-2:50p Dr. Clair Thunes: How to Keep Your Clients' Horses Winning with Nutritional Management
3-3:50p Dr. Ella Bittel: Considering Hospice as an Option in End-of-Life Care Dr. Jenny Johnson:
Equine Shockwave Therapy


4:30-5:20p Dr. Madeline Yamate: Managing Geriatric Patients with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Dr. Jenny Johnson: Equine Chiropractic
5:30-6:20p Dr. Jean Dodds: Alternative Therapies for Pain Management Dr. Carrie Schlachter: Equine Rehabilitative Techniques to Recover and Prolong Soundness