Lab Animal Medicine Club

Lab Animal Medicine Club

Mission Statement

We are an assemblage of veterinary student professionals actively seeking to develop future Laboratory Animal Medicine veterinarians by providing a diverse forum for professional development, networking, and curriculum guidance. First, we provide opportunities for education and hands-on experience in the proper medical care and use of laboratory and teaching animals as well as diverse exposure to the research environment. Second, we expose the student body to an exciting and compelling, yet underrepresented segment of veterinary medicine. Finally, we attempt to prepare each other to successfully address community concerns about the use of animals in research while actively demonstrating our appreciation for the numerous animals whose contributions have truly made vast medical and scientific advancement a reality.

Mission Areas

Career development, education, promotion of the profession, research and teaching animal appreciation and biomedical research importance


The Lab Animal Medicine Club is registered under SCAVMA and is formally affiliated with the American Society for Lab Animal Practitioners (ASLAP) as a student chapter. As an ASLAP student chapter, we are required to submit a report at the end of each year detailing our activities; these reports should give you very good idea of what LAMC is about.