Mercer Clinic for the Pets of the Homeless

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Mercer Clinic Donations

For anyone who wishes to make a financial donation or to donate pet items at any time of the year, click here to read more or fill out a flier to mail in a donation today!

Holiday Pet Basket Donations

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Mercer Clinic for the Pets of the Homeless

Mercer Veterinary Clinic is now located in its own building located next to Loaves and Fishes thanks to generous donors and sponsors.

Through extensive fundraising, we raised enough funds to purchase two portable trailers to convert into a permanent clinic. We are able to treat animals in individual exam rooms, perform surgeries in a fully-stocked surgical suite, and store prescription veterinary diets, pharmaceutical and lab equipment. Another important component of the new trailers will be an isolation room which will help to control the spread of infectious agents. Our leadership team has been working tirelessly to oversee the implementation of these various components, which must meet stringent standards according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Mercer Veterinary Clinic provides invaluable opportunities for the students in high quality medicine, practice management, budgeting, client relationships and technical skills.

We are in desperate need of additional funding to support the continued transformation of the units into a fully-functional veterinary clinic. We are in the final stages of the permitting process, and are looking to raise an additional $200,000 to finish the plumbing of the clinic. Currently, the clinic does not have a plumbing system to provide potable water and this is one of the final facility improvements needed. While the clinic is run by UC Davis students, we act as our own non-profit agency independent of the university and do not receive funding from them, so it is imperative that we reach to the community for support. Your consideration will allow us to continue to provide high-quality veterinary care to the homeless pet population of Sacramento.

These animals have stuck by their owners through thick and thin, and are often their only family and friend. Please help us save them.

Please visit the Mercer Clinic Donations page to help us reach our goal.

Fundraising Updates: We are reaching out to ask for donations towards the $100,000 needed towards addressing our long-term construction and operational costs so that Mercer Veterinary Clinic can continue helping the pets of the homeless. Thank you for any kind donation that you can help us with!

Upcoming fundraiser: Paws for a Cause on April 10, 2016

Happy Holidays at the Mercer Clinic

PSA Day 2016

Interested in becoming more involved? We need volunteers to help transport our patients to their surgery appointments! If you are interested, please send an email to or contact us by phone at 530-752-1143.

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Mercer Veterinary Clinic
P.O. Box 297
Davis, CA 95617

(530) 752-1143 (messages)

NEW POLICY IN PLACE: All Mercer clients must have a Mercer I.D. card distributed by Mercer Veterinary Clinic to be seen. All new clients must provide documentation from Loaves and Fishes certifying use of their services in order to receive a Mercer Card.

Obtain a TB Card at Loaves and Fishes


1321 North C. St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

Hours: M-F 7am-2:30pm
Phone: (916) 226-3345


Form to bring to Loaves and Fishes (opens in a new window):

Homless Verification Form