Veterinary Medicine Surgery Club

Photo: Students preparing for surgery
Here are some of our surgery club members preparing for their first surgery!


2015-2016 Wetlabs

9/28/15 @5-8pm in Vallely 1010: Quill Suture Dinner & Presentation + Wetlab, by Neil Karl from Surgical Specialties (Open to 2nd & 3rd years only who have participated in the Advanced Suturing Wetlab)

2014-2015 Wetlabs

3/31/15 @5-6:30 & 6:30-8pm in MPT 2110: Advanced Suturing Wetlab

11/20/14 @5-6pm & 6-7pm in MPT 2110: Basic Suturing Wetlab (Required for participation in the Advanced Suturing Wetlab)

10/23/14 @5-7pm in MPT 2110: Gowning & Gloving Wetlab (required for participation in the Emergency Surgery Shadowing Program)

Types of Wetlabs Offered:
  • Basic Suture Wetlab
  • Advanced Suture Wetlab
  • RAVS Suture Test/Practice
  • Gowning & Gloving (Including: Making Your Own Suture Board) Wetlab
  • Anastomosing Wetlab

Past Advanced Suturing Wetlabs:

Past Suturing Wetlabs: