Veterinary Medicine Surgery Club

Emergency Surgery Shadowing Program

We are pleased to announce the new Emergency Surgery Shadowing Program through VMSC!

About the ER Shadowing Program:

With this program, students sign up for after-hour shifts to be on call for any emergency surgery cases that come into the VMTH. For this program, students are not expected, and are discouraged from, scrubbing in for the surgery. However, you get to act as the "mini" surgical technichian and will help retrieve supplies, etc. for the surgeon and fourth year student.


You must be a paid member of SCAVMA and Surgery Club to participate.

You must complete the following additional requirements:

  • Gowning and Gloving Wetlab (if 1st or 2nd year student)
  • Attend mandatory introductory meeting
  • Physical exam and handling laboratory (VET 401)
  • VMTH safety training (presentation)
  • Training session/VMTH surgery walk through with VMSC officer

Submit checklist with all above completed requirements checked off with a VMSC officer signature prior to shadowing

Mandatory Surgery Training Session/Surgery Walk Through Details

  • Held weekly by a surgery officer on Monday morning at 7am. Details will be available on the Google doc sign up sheet.
  • Meet in the small animal lobby.
  • Bring your checklist - this is the last item on the list and you can get signed off at this time
  • Bring a pair of fresh scrubs with you that you will change into prior to entering the surgery suite


Weekday shifts:

  • Monday-Friday 6pm-6am

Weekend shifts:

  • Saturday & Sunday
    • 6am-6pm
    • 6pm-6am

Total shifts per week: 9

How to Sign Up

A Google doc will be sent out once a month for sign-ups. This will be "open" for one week before it is closed and submitted to the VMTH reception staff. If you give away your shift or trade, it is YOUR responsibility to let the front desk know so that they do not call you if a case comes in. It is recommended that you call the front desk at the beginning of your shift to let them know you are the on call Surgery Club Shadowing Student.

What To Do If You Are Called In

You should be within 20 minutes of the hospital while you are on-call.

Bring a fresh pair of scrubs and a white coat.

When you arrive, you may place your belongings in the Surgery Office.

Change into your scrubs and put your white coat on. You will then head to the anesthesia/induction room where the animal is likely being prepped for surgery. Here, you will remove your white coat and put on a cap, mask, and booties before proceeding to the operating room.

Make sure you wear close toed shoes.