Veterinary Pathology Club

Nasal mucinous adenocarcinoma in dog

Events & Activities

Path Club Slide Reading

Tuesday, March 12: Join the pathology residents for slide rounds on the multi-headed scope

There are two time slots: Dr. Elise LaDouceur at 6 p.m. and Dr. Vivian Chen at 7 p.m.

Past Events


December 1-5: 2012 ACVP/ASVCP Annual Meeting
  • The Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathologists was held in Seattle, Washington this year. More information can be found on the ACVP website.
  • Path Club members may be eligible for the ACVP Student Chapters Travel Award. Check back in the Fall for more info.

2011 - 2012

May 24: Year-End Meeting
  • Path Club Officers of the 2012-2013 academic year were elected at this meeting. Congratulations to the new officers!
May 13: Future Day
  • Path Club participated in Future Day, which was organized by the Veterinary Student Outreach Club (VSO).
  • Path Club set up a wetlab station with gross pathology specimen, such as a canine heart with heartworms, a porcine uterus with endometrial hyperplasia, and a caprine head with cleft palate. 
  • Dozens of high school students rotated through 30-minute interactive discussions with Path Club members, asking questions regarding the specimens, the field of pathology, and veterinary school in general.
  • Thanks to Faculty Pathologist Dr. Patty Gaffney for providing the specimen.
  • Thanks to Terza Brostoff (DVM/PhD combined degree student) for coordinating this wetlab.
May 11: Cow/Alpaca Necropsy Wetlab
  • Path Club, FARM Club, and Camelid Medicine Club co-presented this necropsy wetlab.
  • Thanks to Faculty Pathologists Dr. Patty Pesavento and Dr. Chris Reilly for leading the wetlab.
  • Thanks to Pathology Residents Dr. Amanda Koehne, Dr. Steve Kubiski, Dr. Sabrina McGraw, and Dr. Ryan Traslavina for guiding students through the necropsies.
May 3: My Journey as a Veterinary Pathologist in One Health
May 2: Slide Reading with Dr. Steve Kubiski
Apr 26 - 27: CL Davis West Coast Veterinary Pathology (WCVP) Conference
Mar 8: Cat necropsy wetlab
  • Path Club and Feline Medicine Club co-hosted a cat necropsy wetlab: The first of its kind in recent years.
  • Thanks to Faculty Pathologist Dr. Patty Pesavento and Shelter Medicine Associate Veterinarian Dr. Denae Wagner for leading the wetlab.
  • Thanks to Pathology Residents Dr. Chrissy Eckstrand, Dr. Kelly Keating, Dr. Amanda Koehne, Dr. Steven Laing, and Dr. Ryan Traslavina for guiding students through the necropsies. 
  • Photo slideshow
Jan 31: Slide Reading with Dr. Sabrina McGraw
Jan 12: Wild Sex: The Role of Reproductive Pathology in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Dec 3 - 7: ACVP/ASVCP Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 10: Slide Reading with Dr. Sabrina McGraw
Nov 7: CMC & Path Club Combined Rounds
  • Canine Medicine Club and Pathology Club co-hosted this exciting combined-club rounds, in which Dr. Natasha Arzi presented some interesting Canine pathology.
Oct 4: Slide Reading with Dr. Steve Kubiski
Sep 20: Club Meeting + Pathology Residents Panel
  • Thanks to Dr. Natasha Arzi, Dr. Amanda Koehne and Dr. Steve Kubiski for answering everyone's questions about pathology.
  • Club members can look forward to a variety of pathology-related activites this year:
    • Perform necropsies on exotic and large animal species
    • Participate in slide-readings at the multi-headed teaching microscope
    • Hear from inspiring speakers from across the country and the world
    • Attend pathology conferences in Pacific Grove, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. 


2010 - 2011

May 25: Club year-end meeting
May 24: Wildlife necropsy wetlab
May 24: "White-Nose Syndrome and the Precipitous Decline of Cavernicolous Bats in Eastern North America," presented by Dr. Kevin Keel.
May 19: Slide reading with Dr. Steve Kubiski
May 6: Cow necropsy wetlab
Apr 21 - Apr 22: CL Davis DVM Foundation West Coat Veterinary Pathology Conference in Pacific Grove, California
Apr 14: Slide reading with Drs. Molly Church and Steve Kubiski
Feb 24: Slide reading with Dr. Chrissy Eckstrand
Jan 25: Slide reading with Dr. Natasha Arzi
Nov 30: Slide reading with Dr. Steve Kubiski
Nov 18: Fish necropsy wetlab
Oct 30 - Nov 3: ACVP/ASVCP annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 22: Equine influenza presentation by Dr. James R. Gilkerson
Oct 19: Slide reading with Dr. Molly Church
Sep 23: First club meeting of the year