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Melamine crystals impression smear in feline kidney


American College of Veterinary Pathologists - Externship Center

ACVP has established a Scholarship Program to support externship experiences for veterinary students interested in learning more about anatomic and clinical pathology.

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Summer Intership & Externship Opportunities at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This is the 8th year for the National Cancer Institute's Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program to provide students the opportunity to receive hands-on research experience and to develop skills in scientific research at the NIH.

In addition to working in the laboratory, students also take advantage of other ongoing summer activities at NIH, such as seminars and meeting with veterinarians performing biomedical research and other professional activities at the NIH and other government agencies.

Stipends are available for summer internships. Students with a variety of scientific and professional interests are encouraged to apply. 
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Externships in Comparative Pathology at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC)

YNPRC offers four to ten-week externships that provide students with exposure to all aspects of nonhuman primate pathology. Externs will conduct gross necropsies and microscopic evaluation of diagnostic cases in conjunction with staff pathologists. 

Background reading and research for diagnostic cases will be expected of the extern as will participation in gross and histopathology seminars. Special projects arising from case materials may also be pursued for publication purposes. 

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Johns Hopkins Post Doctoral and Residency Programs

The Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology at Johns Hopkins University offers postdoctoral and residency positions in their training program starting in July 2012. The application deadline was September 30, 2011.

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