Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club

Externships by Type & Location

Choosing an externship based on location is a great idea to decrease costs or experience new places.
Check out this map that we have compiled to help you out!  

(Blue is for 4th years and orange is for 1st through 3rd years.)

By Category:

This list is a great place to start searching for opportunities, but don’t let it limit you.  There are many more opportunities out there.
* = May be available for rising 3rd years, as well


Institution Weeks Housing Misc. Requirements
Audubon Park Zoo 6-8 No
Baltimore Zoo 6+ Yes
Birmingham Zoo 2-8
Brevard Zoo 4-6
Brookfield Zoo 6-8 No
Buttonwood Park Zoo 4-6 No
Calgary Zoo 3-8 Yes
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 4-8 No Car Required
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden 6-8 Yes
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo* 4+ Yes Car Required
Columbus Zoo 4-6 No
Dallas Zoo 4-8 No
Denver Zoo* 4-8 No
Detroit Zoo 3-6 No
Dickerson Park Zoo 2-8 Yes
Disney's Animal Kingdom 4 No Nov 15 Deadline, Car Required, 3.0 GPA Required
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 4-8
Fort Worth Zoo 6-8 No
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center 6-8 Yes
Glady's Porter Zoo* 6-8 No
Hogle Zoo* 4 No
Houston Zoo 2-6 No
Indianapolis Zoo 4-8
Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens 4-6 No 3.0 GPA Required
Kansas City Zoo* 3 No Car Required
Lincoln Park Zoo 6-8 No
Lion Country Safari 8+ No
Little Rock Zoo 4-8
Los Angeles Zoo 4-6
Louisville Zoo 6 No
Maryland Zoo 6-8 Yes
Memphis Zoo 4-6 Yes
Milwaukee County Zoo 4-8 No
National Zoo 6-8 No Oct 15 Deadline
Oklahoma City Zoo 3+ No
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo 4-8 Yes
Oregon Zoo 4-6 No
Philadelphia Zoo 4-6 No Dec 1 Deadline
Pittsburgh Zoo 6-8 Yes
Potawatami Zoo 4-8 Yes
Potter Park Zoo 3-6 No
Roger Williams Park Zoo 3-5 No Car Required
San Diego Zoo 4-6 No Sep 15 Deadline
San Diego Zoo Safari Park 4 No
Sedwick County Zoo 3-6
The Wilds 4 Yes Nov 15 Deadline, Car Required
Toledo Zoo 4-8 Yes
Topeka Zoo 2-8 No
White Oak Conservation Center 6-8
Wildlife Conservation Society 4-8 Nov 15 Deadline
Wildlife Safari 2-6 Yes
Woodland Park Zoo 4 Yes
Zoo Atlanta 6-8 No
Zoo New England 4-6 No


Institution Weeks Housing Misc. Requirements
Aquarium of the Pacific* 3-6 Oct 31 Deadline
Georgia Aquarium* 4-6 Oct 1 Deadline, Car Required
John G. Shedd Aquarium 4-8 No Nov 1 Deadline
Marine Biological Laboratory 2-4 Yes
Mystic Aquarium 2 No
National Aquarium 6-8 No
New England Aquarium* 6-8 No Oct 1 Deadline
Sea World San Diego 3-4 No Nov 15 Deadline
South Carolina Aquarium 5-6 No
University of Florida Aquaculture Lab 4-8 Yes Car Required
US Naval Marine Mammal Program 4-6 No
Vancouver Aquarium 2-4 No March 30 Required

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Institution Weeks Housing Misc. Requirements
California Department for Fish & Game 6 For part of rotation Car Required
California Wildlife Center 4-8
Cape Wildlife Center of the Humane Society* 4-8 Yes
CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) 6-12 Yes
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts Wildlife Clinic 2-4 No
Georgia Sea Turtle Center* 2-6 Yes Car Required
International Crane Foundation* 4-6 Yes
Lindsay Wildlife Museum 4+ No
Marine Mammal Center 3-4 Yes Jan 1 Deadline
Minnesota Raptor Center 3-6 No
National Wildlife Health Center 4-6 No
PAWS 4-6 No
Southeastern Raptor Center* 2-8
Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research Center 2-4
University of California Davis Wildlife Health Center 6 Yes June 1 Deadline
University of Wyoming Wildlife Disease* 1-12 No
Wildlife Center of Virginia* 3-12 Yes
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota* 2-8 No

Wildlife Management




Misc. Requirements

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife



Car required

Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study




Non-Private Practice Exotics




Misc. Requirements

California National Primate Research Center




Exotic Animal, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine, Univ. of Georgia




Exotics Service at Kansas State University & Sunset Zoo



Top 50% class; call for openings before applying

Special Species Service, University of Wisconsin





Institution Weeks Housing Misc. Requirements
American College of Veterinary Pathologists 4-12
National Zoo Pathology 6-8
Wildlife Disease Laboratories, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research 3-8 No
Zoo Pathology at University of Illinois* 3-6 No