Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club


2013—2014 WAAM Officers:


Maris Brenn-White

Spencer Kehoe

Joelle Sweeney


Ariel Loredo


Naina Dinesh

Externship Coordinator /

New Curriculum Liason

Emma Houck

Field Trip Coordinators

Lauren Michaels

Julie Sheldon


Haley Collins

Ramzi Eid

Jeri Rose Ray

Jackie Russell


Wendy Kalkus

Laura Schwartz

Picnic Day Coordinators

Rachel Ferris

Sam Lawton

Rounds Coordinators

Christopher Micheletti

Nancy Sinai

Wetlab Coordinators

Andrew Chao

James Liu

Adrien Pesque

CAPE Transport Coordinator

Lauren Evans

Cady Majeczky


Sarah Bahan

What Do WAAM Officers Do?

Presidents (3)

  • Symposium: reserving rooms, event permits, speakers, CE credit, proceedings, food, finances, wetlab, advertising, etc.
  • Run general and officer meetings, oversee other officer positions, club registration, etc.
  • Coordinate scholarship fund and recipient selection
  • Grant applications for club support
  • Organize club social events (+/- faculty)

Secretary (1)

  • Take notes at all meetings
  • Maintain club list-serves and photobucket site
  • Record keeping for current list of paid members and participation
  • (+/-) Produce Newsletter 

Treasurer (1)

  • Maintains finances and bookkeeping for WAAM account
  • Work closely with Presidents, Webmaster, and Fundraisers to determine funding for symposium and club events

Externship Coordinators (1)

  • Maintain database of wildlife-related contacts for externships/summer research (both on WAAM website and in VIPER database)

Field Trip Coordinators (2)

  • Arrange 2-3 field trips per quarter: contact vets, arrange student lists via email, provide directions, attend trip, collect money if relevant, keep record of participants, provide follow-up/thank-you's

Fundraising (3—5)

  • T-shirts: logo contest, orders, selling in classes and at symposium
  • Candy grams: organize selling, packaging and distribution
  • Food distributions: respond to emails, find assistants, supervise
  • Donations for symposium
  • Seek and pursue other fundraising opportunities

Historians (2)

  • Document and photograph all things WAAM

Picnic Day Coordinators (2)

  • Organize and oversee the WAAM Picnic Day exhibit and volunteers

Rounds Coordinators (2)

  • Organize zoo rounds/lectures 1—3 times per semester
  • Solicit suggestions and contact possible lecturers/vets for rounds opportunities

CAPE Transport Crew Coordeinators (2)

  • TBA

Wetlab Coordinators (3)

  • Organize wetlabs (Darting, Wildlife Necropsy, Raptor Handling, Symposium, Other)
  • Organize teaching and supplies, obtain specimens, reserve rooms, etc.

Webmaster (1)

  • Design and update website
  • Manage symposium website and online registration process
  • Replace all inappropriate en dashes with em dashes
  • Be Awesome.