Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club

Wildlife & Aquatic Animal Medicine Symposium

Join us for the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium on April 9th-10th, 2016 at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and via webinar! This event will be a combination of the 22st Annual Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine (WAAM) Symposium and the 30th Annual Avian and Exotic Medicine Club (AEMC) Symposium.

At last year’s symposium, the late Dr. Murray Fowler encouraged students, as the future of this field, to further the achievements and advancements of zoological medicine.  In honor of Dr. Fowler, this year’s event theme is “Advancements in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.”  The symposium will bring together experts from UC Davis and around the nation to share their knowledge, research, and experiences with students, veterinarians, technicians, biologists, and the public.  The event will be held in Davis, but available to people around the world via a live interactive web cast.

Our program includes topics ranging from elephant anesthesia to tracking Galápagos tortoises to oncology in non-domestic species.  We will also host a career panel discussion including wildlife, zoo, and exotic veterinarians, as well as a limited-enrollment wildlife ultrasound wet lab led by marine mammal imaging specialist, Dr. Marina Ivancic.

Please refer to the resources on the left to help plan your symposium experience!  The schedule can be found on the event postcard.

Register to join us in person or via webinar at: