Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club

Wetlabs, Field Trips, & Rounds

Recent & Upcoming Events:

December 8, 2015               Invertebrate Medicine Lunch Talk with Dr. Gjeltema

December 6, 2015               Darting Wetlab with Dr. Ziccardi

December 5, 2015               Academy of Sciences Field Trip

November 21-22, 2015        NWRA Wildlife Medicine Course

November 19, 2015             Wildlife Parasitology Wetlab

November 15, 2015             Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Tour

November 11, 2015             Sacramento Zoo Behind the Scenes Tour

October 29, 2015                WAAM/TWS Meet and Greet

October 27, 2015                Dr. Clare Death and Dr. Tristan Burgess Lunch Talk: Wildlife Disease Association

October 24, 2015                Oakland Zoo Behind the Scenes Tour

October 9, 2015                  Veterinary Student Program at ARCAS - PETEN with Dr. Morales

September 15, 2015            General Info and Officer Elections Meeting

Past Events:

January 9th, 2010                   Oiled Wildlife Care Wetlab

January 23–24th, 2010            WAAM 17th Annual Symposium

February 12th, 2010                Fish Rounds: "Pathogens and Treatment Options at CA DFG Hatcheries  (Diseases of Cold Water Salmonids)"

February 21st, 2010                WAAM teaches local Girl Scouts about caring for oiled wildlife

March 22nd, 2010                   Behind the Scenes Tour of Sacramento Zoo

April 3rd, 2010                        Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip

April 17th, 2010                      Activity table hosted by WAAM at PICNIC DAY on the UC Davis campus!

April 24th, 2010                      California Academy of Sciences Field Trip

May 2010                               Beginner Darting and Immobilization Wetlab

September 27th, 2011            WAAM Rounds: Summer Experiences (Class of 2013)

October 2nd, 2011                 Beginner Darting and Immobilization Wetlab

October 19th, 2011                WAAM Rounds: Summer Experiences (Class of 2014)

October 20th, 2011                Turtle Necropsy Wetlab

October 27th, 2011                WAAM Rounds: With First Year Zoological Medicine Resident Dr. Kinney

October 30th, 2011                Safari West Field Trip

November 18th, 2011             WAAM/VPHO Lunch Presentation by Dr. Ben Gonzales on Public Health Issues in the Wildlife Sector

November 21st, 2011             Primate Physical Exam Wetlab

January 21—22nd, 2012        WAAM 18th Annual Symposium

January 23rd, 2012                WAAM Rounds: Zoological Medicine Track 4th Year Externships

January 27th, 2012                Oiled Wildlife Care Wetlab

February 3rd, 2012                WAAM Rounds: With Dr. Benjamin Alcantar of Wildlife Safari in Oregon

February 11th, 2012              San Francisco Zoo Field Trip

February 24th, 2012              Raptor Handling Wetlab at 6PM

March 4th, 2012                    California Academy of Sciences Tour With Dr. Dunker

March 13th, 2012                  WAAM Rounds: Dr. Wack's Trip to Nepal

March 15th, 2012                  Primate Physical Exam Wetlab

September 6th, 2012             Elephant Reproduction Rounds with Dr. Dennis Schmidt

September 18th, 2012           WAAM Rounds: Summer Experiences

October 6th, 2012                 California Academy of Sciences Tour With Dr. Dunker

May 2nd, 2013                      Primate Center Tour & Physical Exam Wetlab

April 21st, 2013                    Oakland Zoo Field Trip

February 5th, 2014                Rounds with Dr. Groff: A Fish Is Not A Mammal

February 18th, 2014              WAAM Rounds: 3rd Year Panel, Streams, & Curriculum

March 25th, 2014                  WAAM Rounds: Externships & Internships; Q&A Panel with 4th Year Vet Students

March 26th, 2014                  WAAM / AEMC Rounds: Pelican Rehabilitation Case Studies with Dr. Duerr

October 23rd, 2014               Cervid Farming Presentation by Dr. Joe Smith

November 1st, 2014              Sacramento Zoo Field Trip with Dr. Wack

November 12th, 2014           Avian Endoscopy with Dr. Guzman (GVH 1010)

November 14th, 2014           Dr. Sean Brady Zoo Med Career & Residency Talk  (GVH 1020)

November 15th, 2014           Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Field Trip

April 11th-12th, 2015           WAAM/AEMC Symposium

April 29th, 2015                    TWS/WAAM Mentorship

April 29th, 2015                    Intra-osseous Wetlab

April 30th, 2015                    WAAM Zoo Block Talk (Valley 1043)

May 2nd, 2015                      Avian Physical Examination Wetlab

May 8th-10th, 2015               WAAM Camera Trapping Wetlab