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About the CMS

About the Vet Med CMS Service

What is a Web Content Management System (CMS)? Generally, a Web Content Management System (CMS) is an application that stores and organizes Web content, as well as information about how the content can be used and presented. A CMS allows users with little technical knowledge to create and manage Web content with relative ease. This reduces the costs of creating and maintaining websites and frees highly trained staff for other technical work more appropriate for them.


Benefits of using the CMS

Benefits of Using the Vet Med CMS

The Vet Med CMS allows Vet Med business and academic administrative units to achieve efficiency, quality control and cost-saving goals that are in line with the "shared service center" model now being implemented across campus.In addition to cost savings and efficiency improvements, the following benefits will be realized when the majority of Vet Med business and academic administrative Web content is maintained using the CMS:

The CMS provides the most significant advantages forsites with relatively little dynamic content,sites that are not hosted using a third-party application, andsites that are poorly maintained and/or out of compliance with campus accessibility or identity standards.


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