CMS Training

In this section, you will find resources to help you use the Vet Med Web CMS to create and maintain your Web content.

We are devloping our Version 2 training program and video series that will accompany it.

Campus has a variety of training modules in place for all Version 2 CMS sites. The sites you will see within the campus training programs are not Vet Med sites and have a different look and feel. Yet the training is still 100% relative and the knowledge gained applies to the Vet Med administrative areas of the CMS.

For Version 1 CMS sites we have a variety of training videos available to help you along. The videos can be found on VIPER within our HELP section under CMSOr by clcking here. You will be prompted for your Kerberos authentication.

Although the videos may be viewed in their suggested order to provide basic training on the functions of the Web CMS, new users of the Web CMS must receive training from the Vet Med Web CMS team. Theses videos can be used as a refresher.

Supplemental content

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