The Vet Med Communicators group meets monthly during the academic year to promote best practices in communications and marketing across the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Goals and Objectives

  • Share marketing ideas and communication strategies
  • Discuss school-wide messaging – develop ways to use common messaging and branding while promoting unique programs and services
  • Learn about individual unit priorities and activities
  • Share information and publications
  • Assist members with cross promotion of programs or resources
  • Professional development through invited guest speakers/presentations on communication and marketing topics, campus and vendor resources, and current strategies
  • Promote use of social media, video production and web design
  • Review related campus and school communication/marketing policy guidelines

2015-16 Vet Med Communicators

Desiree Aguiar, One Health Institute (OHI)

Sharon Anglin, Ctr for Companion Animal Health (CCAH)

Matt Blake, One Health Institute (OHI)

Katie Blakewell, SVM Communications

Celeste Borelli, Development

Chris Brunner, West Inst for Food Safety & Security (WIFSS)

Danielle Carrade-Holt, VMTH Lab Services

Melissa Case, UC Vet Med Center-San Diego*

Sena Christian, Ctr for Companion Animal Health (CCAH)

Justin Cox, One Health Institute (OHI)

Penny Farnham, VMTH Client Services

Doug Forbes, Biological Media Service (BMS)

John Gardiner, VMDO Web Services

Sharon Hein, CA Animal Health & Food Safety (CAHFS)

Grant Jones-Wiebe, Vet Med Teaching & Research Ctr*

John Leach, Vet Med Teaching & Research Ctr (VMTRC)*

Chrissy Kinkade, Vet Center for Clinical Trials (VCCT)

Amanda Newkirk, Koret Shelter Medicine Program (KSMP)

Kim Ney, Center for Equine Health (CEH)

Pilar Rivera, Development

Carolyn Sawai, Development

Angela Silva, Veterinary Genetics Lab (VGL)

Nick Slaven, Biological Media Service (BMS)

Cynthia Sommer, Koret Shelter Medicine Program (KSMP)

Joe Thoron, SeaDoc Society*

Kate Tweddale, Ctr for Professional Continuing Education

Patrick Van Dyke, Central Services/Biological Media Serv

Kathy Von Rummelhoff, UC Vet Med Center – San Diego*

Rob Warren, VMTH Communications

Trina Wood, SVM Communications

Linda Ybarra, SVM Communications