Admissions Process to GGCP

Admission to the GGCP is open for the Fall Quarter each year. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all application materials reach the GGCP by the appropriate application deadline of April 1. Applications are completed electronically. The link to the application can be found on the Graduate Studies page under Future Students.

GGCP is designed for students interested in studying mechanisms responsible for the development of disease at the organismal, cellular or subcellular level. Students interested in cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, immunology, or genetics should apply to the graduate programs in those subjects. But such students may find some of the courses taught by faculty in comparative pathology to be of great interest.

Comparative Pathology Informational Brochures are available by request. Email Jessy Paisley
Comparative Pathology Student-Faculty Handbooks are available by request. Email Jessy Paisley

Undergraduate Preparation for Admission

For applicants without a professional degree, a strong background in the biological sciences is essential. Applicants must have completed course work in the areas of physical and organic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and zoology, as well as one or more upper division course(s) in morphology (anatomy - histology - embryology) and microbiology/immunology (bacteriology - virology - parasitology - immunology). It is expected that applicants will have taken additional biomedical courses (e.g., hematology, microbiology, immunology).

Potential comparative pathology students who do not have a medical degree will be notified by the master adviser of any prerequisites to be taken before they are eligible to enroll in the required core courses. They may be accepted into the program provided their limited deficiencies can be corrected during the first year.

Faculty Sponsor

Because the program in comparative pathology is diverse, applicants must contact and obtain sponsorship of a faculty member in the group who is willing to serve as their major professor should they be admitted. If an applicant has not identified a faculty member to serve as his/her sponsor, we will assist with this process. Contact us at Comparative Pathology well in advance of the application deadline and provide a CV as well as clearly stated interests and goals in the field of comparative pathology. The applicant should also ask the faculty sponsor to write to the master adviser stating his/her willingness to serve as major professor if the applicant is accepted into the graduate program.