New Curriculum Announcement!

Beginning in the 2012-13 academic year, the Comparative Patholog Graduate Group has a new flagship course in Integrative Pathobiology. This course will replace previous core course requirements, as listed below. This was instituted to improve coordination of student learning in an integrated approach to mechanisms of disease to encompass the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organismal levels of pathobiology. The faculty has worked very hard to produce our new curriculum and we are very proud of this effort! The course is conceived as a modular course that would run Winter and Spring quarters of the first year of studies beginning in 2013.

The first Fall quarter (2012) can be used by entering students to obtain mastery of essential material such as cell and/or molecular biology and statistics in order to proceed to the core course. The Core will be presented in bundled modules and organized as foundational material grouped with discussion sections that will be techniques-driven journal club-type sessions, once weekly. The winter quarter Core will be 3 one-hour lectures per week PLUSĀ  a 2 hour discussion (DIS). Spring Quarter will consist of two 1.5 hour lectures PLUS one 2-hr DIS session. The second quarter will include interdisciplinary multi-systemic disease modules (two modules,6-sessions each), and a population-based module incorporating ecosystems and global health offerings.

Students entering FALL 2012

*New Course Requirements (16 units):Previous Course Requirements (20


Core Course in Integrative Pathobiology (8)PMI 298 General Pathology (2)

Core 1(4) units Fall Quarter 1st year PMI 275 Comparative Pathology (4)

Core II (4) units Spring Quarter 1^st Year PMI 285 Cellular Basis of Disease (3)

Experimental Design (3) 2^nd year Advanced Immunology (PMI 270) (3)

Advanced Immunology (PMI 270) (3) MPM 402 Medical Statistics I (4)

PMI 290 SEMINAR (1) MPM 403 Medical Statistics II (4)

Scientific Ethics (1)PMI 290 SEMINAR (1)

Scientific Ethics (1)

New Prerequisites: (to be taken prior to admission or during the 1st quarter, Fall of admission)

BIS 104 Regulation of Cell Function, or upper level undergraduate equivalent in Cellular Biology (3 units)

STA 100 Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences, or upper level undergraduate equivalent(4)

Core Curriculum OLD!!

Cell Biology
May have to take one or more of the following:

Regulation of Cell Function (BIS 104)
Molecular Biology of Eukaryotic Cells (MCB 121)
Molecular Genetics (MCB 161)
Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques (ANG 111)


Molecular Pathology of Human and Animal Diseases (MMI 280)

Medical Statistics I and II (MPM 402 and MPM 403)

Advanced Immunology (PMI 270)


Ethics in Scientific Research (PLP 298)

Mentored Seminar Series
Seminar (Third Quarter of first year) (PMI 290)
Seminar (First Quarter of second year) (PMI 290)

Research Specific Seminars
Two required