Comparative Ophthalmology Notes

These are a compilation of notes on veterinary ophthalmology. They have been used as the standard text in our courses for many years. They are updated as the need arises.

In addition to viewing them online, you can download a self-extracting file that contains a complete set of the notes, including all the illustrations. This can be used to install the notes onto your hard drive for use without being online. Once you have downloaded the file, run it and accept the default directory path (this is important for proper linking of the files). After you have installed it on your hard drive, you can transfer the entire program to a compact disc if you prefer this.

To read the notes after installation, start your Web browser and then open the file \pigbyte\htmldocs\eye\vet_eyes\conotes\con_toc.html. This will allow you access to the rest of the notes.

Be aware that the self-extracting file is about 11.8 MB. If you want to download this, click here. This file is updated every time the notes are updated.