Preparation of Bouin's Solution

This fixative should be readily available in most hospitals or pathology labs. If not, it can be made up per the instructions below.



About 100 ml of this solution is adequate for one large eye or several small eyes. The eye should be placed in the solution immediately after enucleation and trimming. A gauze pad should be used to keep the eye submerged if necessary or inconsistent fixation will occur. The globe should remain in the solution for at least three hours. The eye then is taken out of the fixative and washed. Although 50% ethanol is the recommended agent for washing, you can fill the container with tap water and decant and replace the water every 30-60 minutes throughout the day; this is not ideal, but is adequate for routine histology. The eye then is stored in 70% ethanol and sent to the laboratory.

Be sure to dispose of the original Bouin's solution and the decanted water appropriately.