Retinal degeneration, focal, nontapetal

Source 8.5 year male Siberian husky, OD
Fixative glutaraldehyde
Stain azure II-methylene blue
Notes The tissue can from a region a couple disk diameters below the optic disk on the medial side. The upper part of the section is normal, whereas below this there is substantial loss of photoreceptors and their inner and outer segments; there is also marked hypertrophy of retinal epithelial cells with loss of melanin; notice, however, that the inner retinal layers are essentially normal; this was an incidental finding in this dog
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Legend arrowhead pointing to left - displaced photoreceptor cell, arrowhead pointing to right - normal retinal epithelium, arrow - hypertrophied retinal epithelium, I - photoreceptor inner segments, O - photoreceptor outer segments, P - photoreceptor perikarya (outer nuclear layer)
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