Eye Simulation Applications

There are two programs on pupillary responses, cranial nerves and extraocular muscle function in human beings. Eye Simulator Version 2.0 is advanced and includes all features including pupillary responses to light, animated narrated demonstrations of testing and patient cases. Eye Simulation Application Version 1.5 involves just muscle actions and minimal pupillary responses (pupil size as affected by nerve dysfunctions).

These programs were developed by Rick Lasslo and associates. Although they are technically only applicable to human beings, who have no retractor bulbi muscle, the information on pupillary responses and other muscle actions, such as the rectus and oblique muscles, would apply to nonhuman mammals in general. These are nice demonstrations, with quizzes, theory and patient demonstrations, and well worth the visit if you are interested in eye movement and pupil control.

Be aware that you must have Macromedia® Shockwave installed on your computer in order to use these programs. For the advanced version, you also need QuickTime®. Both can be downloaded through links at the sites.