Curriculum Design

YEARS 1 and 2

The first and second years are core for all students and the content is designed around body systems integrating applied anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, clinical pathology, and imaging. Thus students learn normal and abnormal content in an integrated manner. Later blocks emphasize population and one-health, oncology as well as foundational knowledge and skills in anesthesia, surgery and emergency medicine in preparation for promotion to year 3.


In year 3, all students focus on diagnosis and therapy through an innovative comparative stream together with either a small or large animal stream, depending on the student’s career interest. The large animal stream allows students to further focus on equine, livestock, or zoologic, while the small animal stream allows in-depth diagnosis and therapy of small companion mammals such as rabbits. For those students with specific career interests, 2-week intensive blocks are available in avian/reptile, poultry and laboratory animal medicine.


Students then enter the clinical portion of their training undertaken mostly in the VMTH but with opportunities for externships.