DVM Educational Goals

The primary educational goal of the DVM program is to set the stage for a productive career within the veterinary medical profession. Whilst the program is designed to provide students with entry-level knowledge and skills, it also provides opportunities for students to follow specific career paths.

The School developed and adopted Learning Outcomes that set the expectations for what a student in the DVM program should know and do at graduation. They fall under the following 8 domains:

  • Basic science, paraclinical and clinical knowledge
  • Business
  • Communication skills
  • Entry-level clinical skills
  • Ethics
  • Problem solving, critical thinking and life-long learning skills
  • Professionalism
  • Public, environmental, and animal population health

The School, with input from both faculty and stakeholders, developed and adopted 365 veterinary competencies for a UC Davis entry-level graduate. The individual competencies are housed under top-level competencies (61) such that, throughout the 4 years of the program, students are provided multiple learning and assessment opportunities. In the clinical year, real-time assessment of overarching competencies provides students with feedback and allows the school to ensure that all students are competent at graduation.