Early Veterinary Student Bovine Experience Program

Photo: About EVSBEP

About the Program

EVSBEP stands for Early Veterinary Student Bovine Experience Program. There is a state and national need for veterinarians that are interested in working with food producing animals. EVSBEP is designed to expose students to commercial cattle operations and to food animal practitioners, who can mentor these students. Since most veterinary students do not come from agricultural backgrounds, exposure to animal agriculture and veterinarians working with cattle creates awareness of new career possibilities. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine uses the program both to increase the number of students choosing to work with cattle following graduation, as well as to support students that have an active interest in veterinary careers working with production livestock.  

Who can apply?
First or second year veterinary student in the School of Veterinary Medicine, at UC Davis, may apply.

What is the amount of the award?
The award amount in 2011 is $2,000 for 4 weeks of participation. DVM students must be in good academic standing at the end of the spring quarter to receive an award.

How much time is required?
Students work on a dairy or beef production livestock operation or with a food animal practitioner for 4 weeks during the summer. The dates are flexible and are arranged to be mutually convenient for the livestock operation/veterinarian and student.

What will the student do in the first year?
The student will work with an owner, herdsman, or private practice veterinarian performing the major jobs on a facility. On a dairy the common areas of training typically include delivering calves, raising calves, milking cows, feeding cows, breeding cows, treating sick cows, record keeping, and working with the veterinarian during his/her visits. Students typically works 5 to 5 ½ days a week by agreement with the manager/veterinarian.

Where does the student live?
Housing arrangements/meals/transport are the responsibility of the student.  Some dairies have free housing suitable for a student. Students may also live at home or with a friend or relative if they live near the production unit/veterinary practice.  

When should you apply?
First and second year enrolled veterinary students at UC Davis should apply by the deadline that is typically announced during January-February.