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Photo: Alan Buckpitt

Alan Buckpitt- BS, MS, PhD
Professor and Researcher
Molecular Biosciences

220 Everson Hall
Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 7674


Research Focus

My laboratory has focused on low molecular weight aromatic hydrocarbons that produce lung injury. These chemicals undergo metabolic activation to generate reactive metabolites which become bound covalently to proteins. Work in the lab is attempting to understand what proteins are critical to the cytotoxicity that ensues from exposure to these reactive metabolites, which amino acid residues are adducted and how these alter the structure/function of the adducted proteins. These data will be used to develop biomarkers of adducted urinary peptides that are tightly tied to the mechanisms of toxicity and that could be applied to exposed human populations.

Specialty Focus



1970 BS , College of William & Mary, Willamsburg,
1973 MS , Indiana University, Bloomington,
1975 PhD , Indiana University, Bloomington,

Honors and Awards

2010 Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, nominated
2000 Pfizer Award for Research Excellence

Active Research Grants

Principal Investigator, Biomarkers of exposure to cytotoxic agents SUPERFUND, Hammock (Principal Investigator), NIH NIEHS PHS

Co-Investigator, Pulmonary effects of oxidant pollutants, Hyde (Principal Investigator), NIH NIEHS

Co-Investigator, Metabolic study of ozone and nitronaphthalene toxicity, Hammock (Principal Investigator), NIH NIEHS

Principal Investigator, Kinetics of naphthalene metabolism in target and non target tissues of rodents and non human primates, (Principal Investigator), American Petroleum Institute

Principal Investigator, Measurement of soluble thiols in respiratory and olfactory nasal epithelium-dose response study, (Principal Investigator), American Petroleum Institute

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2010 Buchholz BA, Haack KW, Sporty JL, Buckpitt AR, Morin D Free flow electrophoresis separation and AMS quantitation of C-naphthalene-protein adducts Nucl Instrum Methods Phys Res B,
  • Link Icon 2010 DeStefano-Shields C, Morin D, Buckpitt A Formation of covalently bound protein adducts from the cytotoxicant naphthalene in nasal epithelium: species comparisons Environ Health Perspect,
  • Link Icon 2009 Morris JB, Buckpitt AR Upper respiratory tract uptake of naphthalene Toxicol Sci,
  • Link Icon 2009 Spiess PC, Morin D, Williams CR, Buckpitt AR Protein Thiol Oxidation in Murine Airway Epithelial Cells in Response to Naphthalene or Diethyl Maleate Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol,
  • Link Icon 2009 DiMaio Knych HK, DeStefano Shields C, Buckpitt AR, Stanley SD Equine cytochrome P450 2C92: cDNA cloning, expression and initial characterization Arch Biochem Biophys,
  • Link Icon 2009 Lin CY, Wheelock AM, Morin D, Baldwin RM, Lee MG, Taff A, Plopper C, Buckpitt A, Rohde A Toxicity and metabolism of methylnaphthalenes: Comparison with naphthalene and 1-nitronaphthalene Toxicology,
  • Link Icon 2008 Morisseau C, Newman JW, Wheelock CE, Hill T, Morin D, Buckpitt AR, Hammock BD Development of metabolically stable inhibitors of Mammalian microsomal epoxide hydrolase Chem Res Toxicol,
  • Link Icon 2008 Spiess PC, Morin D, Jewell WT, Buckpitt AR Measurement of protein sulfhydryls in response to cellular oxidative stress using gel electrophoresis and multiplexed fluorescent imaging analysis Chem Res Toxicol,
  • Link Icon 2008 Lee YC, Chuang CY, Lee PK, Lee JS, Harper RW, Buckpitt AB, Wu R, Oslund K TRX-ASK1-JNK signaling regulation of cell density-dependent cytotoxicity in cigarette smoke-exposed human bronchial epithelial cells Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol,
  • Link Icon 2007 Plopper CG, Smiley-Jewell SM, Miller LA, Fanucchi MV, Evans MJ, Buckpitt AR, Avdalovic M, Gershwin LJ, Joad JP, Kajekar R, Larson S, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS, Schelegle ES, Pieczarka EM, Wu R, Hyde DM Asthma/allergic airways disease: does postnatal exposure to environmental toxicants promote airway pathobiology? Toxicol Pathol,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2010 Buckpitt AR, Lin C Yu, Spiess P: Biochemical Function of the Respiratory Tract: Metabolism of Xenobiotics, Charlene A McQueen, (ed), Comprehensive Toxicology. 171-9.

2002 Shultz M, Morin D, Chan K, Buckpitt A: Measurement of glutathione adducts, Donald Reed and Lucio Costa, (ed), Current Protocols in Toxicology, New York. .

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