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Photo: Kent E Pinkerton

Kent E Pinkerton
Professor in Residence
Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology



1974 BS , Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah,
1978 MS , Duke University, Durham, North Carolina,
1982 PhD , Duke University, Durham, North Carolina,

Honors and Awards

2008 University Citation for Distinguished Teaching, University of California, Davis
2006 Faculty Teaching Award, School of Veterinary Medicine
2000 Favorite Teacher Award, School of Veterinary Medicine
1998 Favorite Teacher Award, School of Veterinary Medicine

Active Research Grants

Co-Investigator, Research C: Health effects of ambient airborne particles from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, M. Schenker (Principal Investigator), Centers for Disease Control/NIOSH

Co-Investigator, Pulmonary effects of environmental oxidant pollutants, D.M. Hyde (Principal Investigator), NIEHS

Principal Investigator, Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Influenza Viral Infection, (Principal Investigator), UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program

Principal Investigator, Epithelial repair in COPD, (Principal Investigator), Astra Zeneca

Principal Investigator, Novel Approaches to Evaluate Carbon Nanotube Health Impacts, (Principal Investigator), NIH

Principal Investigator, Health Effects of Central Valley Particulate Matter, (Principal Investigator), California Air Resources Board

Principal Investigator, Engineered Nanomaterials: Linking Physical and Chemical Properties to Biology, (Principal Investigator), NIEHS

Co-Investigator, Particulate Matter Research Center, A. Wexler (Principal Investigator), EPA

Principal Investigator, Toxicity of source-oriented ambient aerosol, (Principal Investigator), CARB

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2012 Plummer LE, Smiley-Jewell S, Pinkerton KE Impact of air pollution on lung inflammation and the role of Toll-like receptors International Journal of Interferon, Cytokine and Mediator Research,
  • Link Icon 2011 Davis, BB, Liu, JY, Tancredi, DJ, Wang, L, Simon, SI, Hammock, BD, Pinkerton, KE The anti-inflammatory effects of soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors are independent of leukocyte recruitment. Biochemical and biophysical research communications,
  • Link Icon 2011 Filosto, S, Castillo, S, Danielson, A, Franzi, L, Khan, E, Kenyon, N, Last, J, Pinkerton, KE, Tuder, R, Goldkorn, T Neutral sphingomyelinase 2: a novel target in cigarette smoke-induced apoptosis and lung injury. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology,
  • Link Icon 2011 Case BW, Abraham JL, Meeker G, Pooley FD, Pinkerton KE Applying definitions of "asbestos" to environmental and "low-dose" exposure levels and health effects, particularly malignant mesothelioma J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev,
  • Link Icon 2011 Sekizawa S, Joad JP, Pinkerton KE, Bonham AC Distinct tachykinin NK(1) receptor function in primate nucleus tractus solitarius neurons is dysregulated after second-hand tobacco smoke exposure. Br J Pharmacol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Sandberg KL, Pinkerton KE, Poole SD, Minton PA, Sundell HW Fetal nicotine exposure increases airway responsiveness and alters airway wall composition in young lambs Respir Physiol Neurobiol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Harrison CM, Pompilius M, Pinkerton KE, Ballinger SW Mitochondrial oxidative stress significantly influences atherogenic risk and cytokine-induced oxidant production Environmental Health Perspect,
  • Link Icon 2011 Herr CE, Ghosh R, Dostal M, Skokanova V, Ashwood P, Lipsett M, Joad JP, Pinkerton KE, Yap PS, Frost JD, Sram R, Hertz-PicciottoI Exposure to air pollution in critical prenatal time windows and IgE levels in newborns. Pediatr Allergy Immunol,
  • Link Icon 2010 Miyagawa M, Fukuda M, Hirono Y, Kawazoe A, Shigeyoshi E, Sakura M, Takeuchi T, Mazda O, Pinkerton KE and Takeuchi M Effect of jungle honey on the chemotactic activity of neutrophils Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science,
  • Link Icon 2010 Sekizawa S, Joad JP, Pinkerton KE, Bonham AC Secondhand smoke exposure alters K+ channel function and intrinsic cell excitability in a subset of second-order airway neurons in the nucleus tractus solitarius of young guinea pigs Eur J Neurosci,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2010 Madl AK, Carosino C, Pinkerton KE: Airborne Particles and Structural Remodeling of the Lung, Gehr P, Blank F, Muhlfeld C, and Rothen-Rutishauser B, (ed), Particle-Lung Interactions, Second Edition, New York. .

2008 Plopper CG, Smiley-Jewell S, Miller LA, Fanucchi MV, Evans MJ, Buckpitt AR, Avdalovic M, Gershwin LJ, Joad JP, Kajekar R, Larson S, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS, Schelegle ES, Pieczarka EM, Wu R, Hyde DM: Primate Models of Allergic Asthma, Kay AB, Bousquet J, Holt PG, and Kaplan AP, (ed), Allergy and Allergic Diseases, 2nd Edition, London. 1231-1245.

2008 Madl AK, Pinkerton KE: Health Effects of Inhaled Engineered Nanoscale Materials, Grassian VH, (ed), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Hoboken, New Jersey. 367-404.

2008 Ngo MA, Smiley-Jewell S, Aldous P, Pinkerton KE: Environmental and Health Impacts of Nanomaterials: Overview and Challenges, Grassian VH, (ed), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Hoboken, New Jersey. 3-18.

2008 Hyde DM, Miller LA, Schelegle ES, Fanucchi MV, Van Winkle LS, Tyler NK, Avdalovic MV, Evans MJ, Kajekar R, Buckpitt AR, Pinkerton KE, Joad JP, Gershwin LJ, Wu R, Plopper CG: Chronic Airway Disease in Nonhuman Primates, Voelkel NF and MacNee W, (ed), Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases, Second Edition, Hamilton, Ontario. 235-268.