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Honors and Awards

Patent Bovine Neospora Isolates and their Uses US Patent No. 5,707,617 issued 1/13/98
Patent Identification, Characterization & Expression of Neospora Recombinant Gene Fragments Encoding Immunodominant Antigens, US patent Nos. 5,889,166 (3/30/99),6,376,196(4/23/02), 6,716,423 (4/06/04), 6,777,192 (8/17/04), 7,056,501 (6/6/06)
Patent Recombinant Neospora Antigens and their uses, Patent No. 7,056,501 issued 6/06/06
Patent Equine Neospora Isolate, US patent No. 6,071,737, issued 6/06/00
2012 R G Thomson Lecturer, Atlantic Veterinary College, Prince Edward Island
2012 American Society of Microbiology Division Z Lecturer
2012 Elected to Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology
2011 Elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (July 1, 2015 the IOM was renamed the National Academy of Medicine)
2008-2010 Journal of Parasitology (most cited publication)
2006 Norman Levine Lecturship, University of Illinois
2004 Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowship
2003 Oscar W. Schalm Lectureship
2002 Manuscript #99 was selected by American College of Zoological Medicine as Best Manuscipt of 2002
2001 Graduate Student, Dr. Melissa Miller (Checkowitz) was awarded Graduate Student Research Award for the Wildlife Disease Association
1999 Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teaching Award
1998 Pfizer Award for Research Excellence
1994 Presidential Symposium Speaker for American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists and American Veterinary Medical Association
1993 National Institutes of Health FIRST Award
1992 Charles Davis Foundation Journal Scholarship Award
1986 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scholarship
1980-1983 Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission Scholarship