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Photo: Robert Bill Moeller

Robert Bill Moeller- DVM
Professor of Clinical
California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab

Tulare Lab
Tulare, CA 93274

+1 559 688 7543


Research Focus

Infectious diseases, foreign animal diseases and toxicology.

Specialty Focus

Veterinary pathology


1977 DVM Veterinary Medicine, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
1973 Pre-Veterinary Science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
1986 Pathology Residency Veterinary Pathology, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD

Honors and Awards

2010 CL Davis Foundation's Robert L. Farrell Distinguished Lecture Award
1994 "A" Proficiency in Veterinary Pathology
1992, 1996 Defense Meritorious Service Medal
1990 Defense Commendation Medal
1981, 1986 Army Commendation Medal


Diplomate American Board of Toxicology
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Pathologists
State Licensure - Alaska
State Licensure - Nebraska
State Licensure - Oklahoma

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2014 McDaniel CJ, Cardwell DM, Moeller RB, Gray GC Humans and cattle: a review of bovine zoonoses. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis,
  • Link Icon 2013 Stephenson N, Swift P, Moeller RB, Worth SJ, Foley J Feline infectious peritonitis in a mountain lion (Puma concolor), California, USA. J Wildl Dis,
  • Link Icon 2013 Correa CE, Moeller RB, Adaska JM, Clothier KA, Blanchard PC Pathology in practice. Soft tissue abscesses and vertebral osteomyelitis attributable to N farcinica infection in 2 calves. J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2013 Moeller, RB, Adaska, J, Reynolds, J, Blanchard, PC Systemic Bovine herpesvirus 1 infections in neonatal dairy calves. Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc,
  • Link Icon 2012 Tseng M, Fleetwood M, Reed A, Gill VA, Harris RK, Moeller RB, Lipscomb TP, Mazet JA, Goldstein T Mustelid herpesvirus-2, a novel herpes infection in northern sea otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni) J Wildl Dis,
  • Link Icon 2009 Odani JS, Blanchard PC, Adaska JM, Moeller RB, Uzal FA Malignant edema in postpartum dairy cattle J Vet Diagn Invest,
  • Link Icon 2009 Moeller RB, Puschner B, Walker RL, Rocke TE, Smith SR, Cullor JS, Ardans AA Short communication: Attempts to identify Clostridium botulinum toxin in milk from three experimentally intoxicated Holstein cows J Dairy Sci,
  • Link Icon 2008 Berge AC, Thornburg E, Adaska JM, Moeller RB, Blanchard PC Antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Dublin from dairy source calves in the central San Joaquin Valley, California (1998-2002) J Vet Diagn Invest,
  • Link Icon 2004 Hou L, Li X, Dunbar L, Moeller R, Palermo B, Atwill ER Neonatal mouse infectivity of intact Cryptosporidia parvum oocysts isolated after optimized in vitro excystation Applied Environmental Microbiology,
  • Link Icon 2004 Allison N, Moeller RB, Duncan R Placental teratocarcinoma in a mare with possible metastasis to the foal J Vet Diagn Invest,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2012 Moeller RB: Disorders of sheep and goats, , Kirkbride's Diagnosis of Abortion and Neonatal Loss in Animals. 49-85.

2008 Moeller RB: Cowpox, Scott Haskell, (ed), 5 Minute Veterinary Consultant - Ruminants, Ames, Iowa. 264.

2008 Moeller RB: Sheep and Goat Pox, Scott Haskell, (ed), 5 Minute Veterinary Consultant - Ruminants, Ames, Iowa. 828.

2008 Moeller RB: Foot and Mouth Disease, Scott Haskell, (ed), 5 Minute Veterinary Consultant - Ruminants, Ames, IA. 382.

2008 Moeller RB: Lumpy Skin Disease, Scott Haskell, (ed), 5 Minute Veterinary Consultant - Ruminants, Ames, Iowa. 490.