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Photo: H Shivaprasad

H Shivaprasad- DVM, MS, PhD
Professor of Clinical
Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology


Research Focus


Specialty Focus



1969 DVM Veterinary Science, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India
1975 MS Physiology and Genetics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
1977 PhD Physiology and Genetics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
1980 MS Veterinary Pathology, Purdue University,, West Lafayette, Indiana

Honors and Awards

2011 Journal of Pathology: Best Paper
1972 Government of India Fellowship
1969 Indian Council of Agriculture, Junio Fellowship
1966 Merit Scholarship


Diplomate American College of Poultry Veterinarians

Active Research Grants

Collaborator, Assessment of alternative production systems for laying hens to safeguard animal welfare and sustainable egg supply., Hongwei Xin (Principal Investigator), USDA

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2011 Payne S, Shivaprasad HL, Mirhosseini N, Gray P, Hoppes S, Weissenbock H, Tizard I Unusual and severe lesions of proventricular dilatation disease in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) acting as healthy carriers of avian bornavirus (ABV) and subsequently infected with a virulent strain of ABV Avian Pathol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Degernes LA, Lynch PS, Shivaprasad HL Degenerative joint disease in captive waterfowl Avian Pathol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Honkavuori KS, Shivaprasad HL, Briese T, Street C, Hirschberg DL, Hutchison SK, Lipkin WI Novel picornavirus in Turkey poults with hepatitis, California, USA Emerg Infect Dis,
  • Link Icon 2011 Guy JS, West MA, Fuller FJ, Marusak RA, Shivaprasad HL, Davis JL, Fletcher OJ Detection of chicken proventricular necrosis virus (R11/3 virus) in experimental and naturally occurring cases of transmissible viral proventriculitis with the use of a reverse transcriptase-PCR procedure Avian Dis,
  • Link Icon 2010 Pesti G, Shivaprasad HL The influence of excessive levels of 1alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol on the growth and tissue appearance of market weight chickens Journal of Applied Poultry Research,
  • Link Icon 2010 Franca M, Crespo R, Chin R, Woolcock P, Shivaprasad HL Retrospective study of myocarditis associated with reovirus in turkeys Avian Dis,
  • Link Icon 2010 Palmieri C, Franca M, Uzal F, Anderson M, Barr B, Woods L, Moore J, Woolcock P, Shivaprasad HL Pathology and immunohistochemical findings of West Nile virus infection in psittaciformes Vet Pathol epub 12-15-10,
  • Link Icon 2010 Gray P, Hoppes S, Suchodolski P, Mirhosseini N, Payne S, Villanueva I, Shivaprasad HL, Honkavuori KS, Lipkin WI, Briese T, Reddy SM, Tizard I Use of avian bornavirus isolates to induce proventricular dilatation disease in conures Emerg Infect Dis,
  • Link Icon 2010 Ramirez-Nieto G, Shivaprasad HL, Kim CH, Lillehoj HS, Song H, Osorio IG, Perez DR Adaptation of a mallard H5N2 low pathogenicity influenza virus in chickens with prior history of infection with infectious bursal disease virus Avian Dis,
  • Link Icon 2010 Crespo R, Shivaprasad HL Decrease of fertility in a broiler breeder flock due to testicular atrophy Avian Dis,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2010 Shivaprasad HL: Hemorrhagic enteritis virus of turkeys and marble spleen disease of pheasants, , The Merck Veterinary Manual, 10th edition, Duluth, GA. 2436-38.

2008 Crespo RC, Shivaprasad HL: Developmental, metabolic and other non-infectious diseases, Y. M. Saif, (ed), Diseases of Poultry, 12th edition, Ames, IA. 1149-1195.

2008 Shivaprasad HL: Arizonosis, Y. M. Saif, et. al., (ed), Diseases of Poultry, 12th edition, Ames, IA. 665-74.

2008 Shivaprasad HL, Barrow PA: Pullorum disease and fowl typhoid, Y. M. Saif, et. al., (ed), Diseases of Poultry, 12th edition, Ames, IA. 620-36.

2008 Meng XJ, Shivaprasad HL, Payne C: Avian Hepatitis E virus infections, Y. M. Saif, et. al., (ed), Diseases of Poultry, 12th edition, Ames, IA. 441-48.