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Honors and Awards

2007 Corresponding Foreign Member, French National Academy of Medicine
2004-2005 Outstanding Faculty Award, Graduate Group in Epidemiology
2004 A new Bartonella species was named in my honor: "Bartonella chomelii (cho.mel'i.i. N.L. gen. n. chomelii in honour of Bruno B. Chomel, who was the first to experimentally demonstrate the transmission of Bartonella henselae by fleas in cats, and to isolate Bartonella bovis from domestic cattle. His studies on Bartonella infection in animals contributed to an improved understanding of epidemiology and vectors of Bartonella-associated disease in animals."
1978 Bronze Medal, DVM Thesis, University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France
1977 Henri Vallee Prize (Best student in Infectious Diseases), Lyon's School of Veterinary Medicine, Lyon, France