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Photo: Michael S Kent

Michael S Kent- BA, DVM, MAS
Associate Professor
Surgical & Radiological Sciences


Research Focus

Oncology and targeted therapies.

Specialty Focus

Radiation Oncology


1997 DVM Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA
1988 BA Political Science, Boston University, Boston
2006 MAS Clinical Research, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA


Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology)
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Radiology (Radiation Oncology)

Active Research Grants

Co-Principal Investigator, MiRNA profiling of dogs with transitional cell carcinoma, With whom are you the Co PI? (Principal Investigator), CCAH

Co-Investigator, Multi-functional Nanocarrier against Canine Lymphoma, Kit Lam (Principal Investigator), National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2012 Srivastav A, Kass PH, McGill LD, Farver TB, Kent MS Comparative vaccine-specific and other injectable-specific risks of injection-site sarcomas in cats J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2012 Zwingenberger AL, Kent MS, Liu R, Kukis DL, Wisner ER, DeNardo SJ, Taylor SL, Chen X, Lam KS In-vivo biodistribution and safety of 99mTc-LLP2A-HYNIC in canine non-Hodgkin lymphoma PloS one,
  • Link Icon 2012 Zwingenberger AL, Vernau W, Shi C, Yan W, Chen X, Gordon IK, Kent MS Development and characterization of 5 canine B-cell lymphoma cell lines Leuk Res,
  • Link Icon 2012 Zwingenberger AL, Kent MS, Shi C, Taylor SL, Chen X, Lam KS Affinity of the alpha4-beta1 integrin-targeting peptide LLP2A to canine lymphoma Vet Immunol Immunopathol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Frazier SA, Johns SM Ortega J, Zwingenberger AL, Kent MS, Hammond GM, Rodriguez CO, Steffey MA, Skorupski KA Outcome in dogs with surgically resected oral fibrosarcoma (1997-2008) Vet Comp Oncol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Szivek A, Burns RE, Gericota B, Affolter VK, Kent MS, Rodriguez CO, Skorupski KA Clinical outcome in 94 cases of dermal haemangiosarcoma in dogs treated with surgical excision: 1993-2007* Vet Comp Oncol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Zhang J, Cho S-J, Shu L, Yan W, Guerrero T, Kent M, Skorupski K, Chen H, Chen X Translational repression of p53 by RNPC1, a p53 target overexpressed in lymphomas Genes Dev,
  • Link Icon 2011 Osofsky A, Hawkins MG, Foreman O, Kent MS, Vernau W, Lowenstine LJ T-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia in a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot (Amazona ochrocephala oratrix) J Avian Med Surg,
  • Link Icon 2011 Skorupski KA, Hammond GM, Irish AM, Kent MS, Guerrero TA, Rodriguez CO, Griffin DW Prospective randomized clinical trial assessing the efficacy of Denamarin for prevention of CCNU-induced hepatopathy in tumor-bearing dogs J Vet Intern Med,
  • Link Icon 2011 Aina OH, Maeda Y, Harrison M, Zwingenberger AL, Walker NJ, Lam KS, Kent MS Canine malignant melanoma alpha-3 integrin binding peptides Vet Immunol Immunopathol,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2012 Kent MS, Primas P: Safe handling and care of patients exposed to radioactive and antineoplastic agents, Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon and Harold Davis, (ed), Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, 1st Edition, Ames, Iowa. 814-20.

2008 Holmberg BJ, Kent MS: Ocular Neoplasia, Bonagura JD andTwedt DC, (ed), Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XIV, St. Louis. 1153-1157.