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Honors and Awards

2012 Harry Hoogstraal Medal, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the American Committee of Medical Entomology
2006 John N. Belkin Award for Excellence in Vector Ecology, American Mosquito Control Association.
2006 Distinguished Service Award, Society for Vector Ecology.
2004 Academic Federation Award for Excellence in Research, University of California, Davis.
2003 Fellow, Entomological Society of America.
2001 Lifetime Award for Achievement in Medical Entomology, Society for Vector Ecology, International Congress.
1996-1998 Secretary, Chairman Elect, Chairman, Section D Medical Entomology, Entomological Society of America
1992 Leader, People to People delegation of Vector Ecologists to the People’s Republic of China
1989-1994 American Committee on Medical Entomology, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
1989-1992 Vice President, President Elect and President, Society of Vector Ecology
1974 Arthur T. Bragg Award for outstanding research in natural history, University of Oklahoma
1972 Sigma Xi Student Research Award