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Photo: William Reisen

William Reisen- BS, MS, PhD

Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

5329 Vet Med 3A
Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 0124


Research Focus

Population ecology of mosquitos, epidemiology, surveillance and control of mosquito-borne pathogens

Specialty Focus



1967 BS Entomology-Plant Pathology, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
1968 MS Zoology, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
1974 PhD Zoology, University of Oklahoma, Normal, OK

Honors and Awards

2012 Harry Hoogstraal Medal, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the American Committee of Medical Entomology
2006 John N. Belkin Award for Excellence in Vector Ecology, American Mosquito Control Association.
2006 Distinguished Service Award, Society for Vector Ecology.
2004 Academic Federation Award for Excellence in Research, University of California, Davis.
2003 Fellow, Entomological Society of America.
2001 Lifetime Award for Achievement in Medical Entomology, Society for Vector Ecology, International Congress.
1996-1998 Secretary, Chairman Elect, Chairman, Section D Medical Entomology, Entomological Society of America
1992 Leader, People to People delegation of Vector Ecologists to the People’s Republic of China
1989-1994 American Committee on Medical Entomology, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
1989-1992 Vice President, President Elect and President, Society of Vector Ecology
1974 Arthur T. Bragg Award for outstanding research in natural history, University of Oklahoma
1972 Sigma Xi Student Research Award

Active Research Grants

Principal Investigator, Surveillance testing of mosquitoes and birds in California, (Principal Investigator), Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California

Co-Investigator, Training Program in the Biology of Disease Vectors, G Lanzaro (Principal Investigator), NIAID NIH

Principal Investigator, Persistence of West Nile virus in California, (Principal Investigator), NIAID - NIH

Co-Principal Investigator, Impact of climate change on mosquito-borne arbovirus transmission, PI Yr 1; Co-PI Yr 2&3: Barker CM (Principal Investigator), CDC Atlanta

Principal Investigator, Risk of introduction and establishment of emerging arboviruses in California, (Principal Investigator), Mosquito Research Foundation

Co-Principal Investigator, Integrated population-based surveillance for West Nile virus activity in four California Counties and Surveillance of West Nile in California, C Glaser (Principal Investigator), CDC, ELC

Principal Investigator, Surveillance and control of arboviruses in Coachella Valley, California, (Principal Investigator), CMVCA Foundation [Coachella Valley MVCD]

Collaborator, Research and Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics, (Principal Investigator), Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health Science and Technology Directorate, Depa

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2013 Kothera L, Nelms BM, Reisen WK, Savage HM Population genetic and admixture analyses of Culex pipiens complex (Diptera: Culicidae) populations in California, United States. Am J Trop Med Hyg,
  • Link Icon 2013 Reisen WK, Padgett K, Fang Y, Woods L, Foss L, Anderson J, Kramer V Chronic infections of West Nile virus detected in California dead birds. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis,
  • Link Icon 2013 Reiner RC, Perkins TA, Barker CM, Niu T, Chaves LF, Ellis AM, George DB, Le Menach A, Pulliam JR, Bisanzio D, Buckee C, Chiyaka C, Cummings DA, Garcia AJ, Gatton ML, Gething PW, Hartley DM, Johnston G, Klein EY, Michael E, Lindsay SW, Lloyd AL, Pigott DM, Reisen WK, Ruktanonchai N, Singh BK, Tatem AJ, Kitron U, Hay SI, Scott TW, Smith DL A systematic review of mathematical models of mosquito-borne pathogen transmission: 1970-2010. J R Soc Interface,
  • Link Icon 2013 Nelms BM, Fechter-Leggett E, Carroll BD, Macedo P, Kluh S, Reisen WK Experimental and natural vertical transmission of West Nile virus by California Culex (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes. J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2013 Geraghty EM, Margolis HG, Kjemtrup A, Reisen W, Franks P Correlation between aerial insecticide spraying to interrupt west nile virus transmission and emergency department visits in Sacramento County, California. Public Health Rep,
  • Link Icon 2013 Reisen WK Ecology of West Nile virus in North America. Viruses,
  • Link Icon 2013 Nelms BM, Macedo PA, Kothera L, Savage HM, Reisen WK Overwintering biology of Culex (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes in the Sacramento Valley of California. J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2013 Reisen WK, Padgett K, Fang Y, Woods L, Foss L, Anderson J, Kramer VL Chronic infections of West Nile virus detected in California dead birds Vectorborne Zoonotic Dis,
  • Link Icon 2012 Reisen WK The contrasting bionomics of Culex mosquitoes in western North America. J Am Mosq Control Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2012 Fetcher-Leggett E, Nelms B, Barker C, Reisen WK West Nile virus cluster analysis and vertical transmission in Culex pipiens complex mosquitoes in Sacramento and Yolo Counties, California, 2011 J Vector Ecol,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2012 Walton WC, Reisen WK: Influence of Climate Change on Mosquito Development and Bloodfeeding Patterns, , Viral Infections and Climate Change. .

2012 Brault AC, Reisen WK: Environmental perturbations that influence arboviral host range: insights into emergence mechanisms, , Viral Infections and Climate Change. .

2011 Lozano-Fuentes S, Barker CM, Coleman M, Park BB, Reisen WK, Eisen L: Emerging information technologies to provide improved decision support for surveillance, prevention, and control of vector-borne diseases, Jao C, (ed), Efficient Decision Support Systems - Practice and Challenges in Biomedical Related Domain, Rijeka. 89-114.

2010 Weaver SC, Reisen WK: Present and Future Arboviral Threats, , Antiviral Research. 328-345.

2009 Reisen WK: Malaria, Carde R, Resh V, (ed), Encyclopedia of Insects, 3rd Edition, Oxford, UK. .