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Honors and Awards

2014 Award of Honour/Plenary Speaker, presented by Association of Entomologists, Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences, Punjabi University
2013 Delegate, Albert Schweitzer Centennial, Libreville, Gabon, Central Africa
2013 Distinguished Service Award, Society for Vector Ecology
2011 President, Society for Vector Ecology
2010 President Elect
2010 Plenary Speaker, Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cell Biology
2010 Keynote Speaker, 10th Annual Symposium, Center for Host-Parasite Interactions, McGill University
2010 Keynote Speaker, 14th Annual Arthromint Meeting, Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Ilha Grande, Brazil
2010 Invited Speaker, Biology of Mosquito Vectors Symposium, Johns Hopkins University
2010 2010 Editor's Choice Award by the Entomological Society of America
2009 Elected Vice-President/President Elect, Society for Vector Ecology
2009 Plenary Speaker, 34th Annual Meeting, Human Biology Association
2009 2009 Student Selected Speaker, Department of Entomology, University of Arkansas
2007 Excellence in Research Award, Academic Federation, UC Davis
2007 Plenary Speaker, Annual Meeting, Society of Vector Ecology
2006 Service Award, Entomological Society of America
2005 Rogoff Lectureship, Department of Entomology, Cornell University
2002-2010 Member, External Advisory Panel, Johns Hopkins University Malaria Institute
2000-2006 Faculty, International Biology of Disease Vectors Course
1991-1995 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, Molecular Biology of Disease Vectors