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Photo: Carolyn L Stull

Carolyn L Stull- BS, MS, PhD
Lecturer and Specialist
Population Health & Reproduction

1337 Surge III
Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 0855


Research Focus

Animal Welfare/Well being and protection:

Stress in agricultural species. OBJECTIVE: Assess the well-being of agricultural animals in various environments, commercial systems, or the application of management practices.

APPROACH: Develop research plans that focus on the well-being of agricultural animals in commercial systems in California and assess alternative systems.

Informational transfer of scientific data on welfare of agricultural species. OBJECTIVE: To develop effective and efficient venues to transfer information on the well-being of agricultural animals to the appropriate audiences including producers, animal protection groups, regulation and policy makers, consumers, and scientists. APPROACH: Using both traditional and innovative communication methods, extend and expand knowledge to end-users that will assist in making economic, political and justifiable welfare decisions and strategies on the use and methodology of agricultural animals as food and companions in California, the US, and globally.

Specialty Focus

Animal Welfare


1977 BS Biochemistry, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN
1979 MS Animal Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
1984 PhD Animal Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Honors and Awards

2010 International Symposium of Beef Cattle Welfare recognition award plague
2010 Certification, Horse Handling and Animal welfare Assessment Training Program. Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada
2009 American Horse Publications Annual Award, 2nd place for "Equine Sanctuary and Rescue Facility Guidelines"
2006 Scientists Center for Animal Welfare. Certificate of Participation. The Humane Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research.
2004 Federation of Animal Societies. Plaque of Appreciation for leadership in developing the Farm Animal Worker Training programs.
2003 Federation of Animal Science Societies. Certificate of Appreciation for service on the FASS-American Registry Professional Animal Scientist Animal Care Project.
2003 International League for the Protection of Horses, MSPCA, and Federation Equestre Internationale. Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to the Second International Conference on the Transportation of Horses.
2002 Hank Award 2001, Rio Vista Products, Santa Maria, CA. Recognizes outstanding individual committed to rescue work with horses and dogs.
1999-2002 American Society of Animal Science. Service Appreciation Award for service on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Animal Science.
1996 California State University, Fresno. Recognition Award for Outstanding Service to Horse Program.
1996 United States Department of Agriculture. Certificate of Appreciation for Contribution to Horse Protection Program.


Diplomate American College of Nutrition, American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
Diplomate American College of Aimal Welfare Science, American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists

Active Research Grants

Principal Investigator, Wild Horse and Burro Welfare Assessment Tool, (Principal Investigator), Bureau of land Management (NV Office)

Most Recent 10 Publications

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