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Beate Crossley- DVM, MPVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical
Medicine & Epidemiology

Thurman Lab
Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 5662


Research Focus


Specialty Focus

Diagnostic Virology


2001 MPVM Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, Davis, California
1997 PhD/ vet. Veterinary Virology, University of Wisconsin & Free University of Berlin, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1994 DVM Veterinary Medicine, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Honors and Awards

2003 Special Recognition - CDFA END Task Force
1999 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) full fellowship dedicated to further education in the U.S.A.
1998 Karl-Pfizer Award, Best dissertation in the experimental-clinical field at the Free University of Berlin
1994-1997 Milwaukee Foundation Shaw Scholarship, University of Wisconsin


Diplomate European Union Veterinary Medicine
United States Department of Agriculture - Select Agent Approval
Foreign Animal Disease Training Course, United States Department of Agriculture, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, New York
Real-time rt-PCR Train-the Trainer's Course, Cepheid Smart Cycler Platform for Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus and Classical Swine, Fever virus, United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plum Island Animal Disease
High-throughput real time PCR Train-the Trainer's Course, Cepheid Smart Cycler Platform for Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus and Classical Swine, Manhattan, Kansas
National Animal Health Laboratory Network: Training for Foot and Mouth Disease virus, Rinderpest virus and African Swine Fever virus detection using real-time PCR at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Media Training Workshop: Working Effectively with the News Media, UC Davis, Davis, CA

Active Research Grants

Principal Investigator, Characterization and Identification of a novel Coronavirus in Alpacas, (Principal Investigator), Alpaca Research Foundation

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2011 Journals Confirmation ,
  • Link Icon 2011 Jackwood DJ, Sommer-Wagner SE, Crossley BM, Stoute ST, Woolcock PR, Charlton BR Identification and pathogenicity of a natural reassortant between a very virulent serotype 1infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) and a serotype 2 IBDV Virology,
  • Link Icon 2011 Brito BP, Gardner IA, Hietala, SK, Crossley, BM Variation in Bluetongue virus real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay results in blood samples of sheep, cattle, and alpaca J Vet Diagn Invest,
  • Link Icon 2010 Mayo CE, Crossley BM, Hietala SK, Gardner IA, Breitmeyer RE, Maclachlan NJ Colostral transmission of bluetongue virus nucleic acid among newborn dairy calves in California Transbound Emerg Dis,
  • Link Icon 2010 Jackwood DJ, Sommer-Wagner SE, Stoute AS, Woolcock PR, Crossley BM, Hietala SK, Charlton BR Characteristics of a very virulent infectious bursal disease virus from California Avian Diseases,
  • Link Icon 2010 Crossley BM, Barr BC, Magdesian KG, Ing M, Mora D, Jensen D, Loretti AP, McConnell T, Mock R Identification of a novel coronavirus possibly associated with acute respiratory syndrome in alpacas (Vicugna pacos) in California, 2007 J Vet Diagn Invest,
  • Link Icon 2010 Ortega J, Crossley B, Dechant JE, Drew CP, Maclachlan NJ Fatal bluetongue virus infection in an alpaca (Vicugna pacos) in California J Vet Diagn Invest,
  • Link Icon 2008 Lenhoff RJ, Naraghi-Arani P, Thissen JB, Olivas J, Carillo AC, Chinn C, Rasmussen M, Messenger SM, Suer LD, Smith SM, Tammero LF, Vitalis EA, Slezak TR, Hullinger PJ, Hindson BJ, Hietala SK, Crossley BM, McBride MT Multiplexed molecular assay for rapid exclusion of foot-and-mouth disease J Virol Methods,
  • Link Icon 2006 Hawkins MG, Crossley BM, Osofsky A, Webby RJ, Lee CW, Suarez DL, Hietala SK Avian influenza A virus subtype H5N2 in a red-lored Amazon parrot J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2006 Hietala SK, Crossley BM Armored RNA as virus surrogate in a real-time reverse transcriptase PCR assay proficiency panel J Clin Microbiol,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2010 Hietala S, Crossley B: Disease Diagnosis using Real-time PCR specific Procedures for important veterinary pathogens, Ericka A. Pestana, Sandor Belak, Adama Diallo, John R. Crowther, Gerrit J. Viljoen, (ed), Early, Rapid and Sensitive Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics - Real Time PCR Applications. 147-168.

2008 Hietala SK, Crossley BM: Molecular Testing for Infectious Diseases in Cattle, Sheep, and Goats, Bradford P. Smith, (ed), Large Animal Internal Medicine, St Louis, Missouri. 446-450.

2005 Hietala SK, Schikora BM: Bovine viral diarrhea replication. Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus: Diagnosis, Management, and Control, Goyal and Ridpath, (ed), Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus: Diagnosis, Management, and Control, Ames, IA. .