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Photo: Richard E Connon

Richard E Connon- BS, PhD
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology

Room 3205
Vet Med 3B, 1089 Veterinary Medicine Drive, Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 3141


Research Focus

My main interest is in the mechanisms behind organisms' tolerance and adaptations to changing environments and I utilize genomic approaches to understand their sensitivity.

Specialty Focus



1998 BS (Hons) Applied Environmental Science, Middlesex University, United Kingdom
2003 PhD Ecotoxicology, University of Reading, United Kingdom

Honors and Awards

2009 "Best Publication Award" by SETAC, to first author for best paper in ecotoxicology in 2008
2009 "Best Publication Award" by SETAC, to first author for best paper in ecotoxicology in 2008

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2015 Hasenbein S, Connon RE, Lawler SP, Geist J A comparison of the sublethal and lethal toxicity of four pesticides in Hyalella azteca and Chironomus dilutus Environmental Science and Pollution Research,
  • Link Icon 2015 Biales AD, Fritsch EB, Connon RE Real world application of 'omics endpoints. In response: Integration of 'omics to larger-scale watershed assessments. A mixed government/academic perspective Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry,
  • Link Icon 2015 Alireza J, Kass P, Deanovic LA, Connon RE, Werner I Ten-day survival of Hyalella azteca as a function of water quality parameters Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety,
  • Link Icon 2015 Hasenbein S, Lawler SP, Geist J, Connon RE The use of growth and behavioral endpoints to assess the effects of pesticide mixtures upon aquatic organisms Ecotoxicology,
  • Link Icon 2015 Jeffries KM, Brander SM, Britton MT, Fangue NA, Connon RE Chronic Exposures to Low and High Concentrations of Ibuprofen Elicit Different Gene Response Patterns in a Euryhaline Fish Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Special edition: Marie Curie IRSES,
  • Link Icon 2015 Fritsch EB, Stegeman JJ, Goldstone JV, Nacci DE, Champlin D, Jayaraman S, Connon RE, Pessah IN Expression and function of ryanodine receptor related pathways in PCB tolerant Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) from New Bedford Harbor, MA, USA Aquatic Toxicology,
  • Link Icon 2014 Wang G, Yang E, smith KJ, Zeng Y, Ji G, Connon RE, Fangue NA, Cai, JJ Gene expression responses of threespine stickleback to salinity: implications for salt-sensitive hypertension Frontiers in Genetics,
  • Link Icon 2014 Komoroske L, Connon RE, Lindberg J, Cheng BS, Castillo G, Hasenbein M, Fangue NA Ontogeny influences sensitivity to climate change stressors in an endangered fish Conserv Physiol (2014) 2 (1): cou008 doi:10.1093/conphys/cou008,
  • Link Icon 2014 Hasenbein M, Werner I, Deanovic LA, Geist J, Fritsch EB, Javidmehr A, Foe C, Fangue NA, Connon RE Transcriptomic profiling permits the identification of pollutant sources and effects in ambient water samples Sci Total Environ,
  • Link Icon 2013 Brander SM, Connon RE, He G, Hobbs JA, Smalling KL, Teh SJ, White JW, Werner I, Denison MS, Cherr GN From ‘Omics to Otoliths: Responses of an Estuarine Fish to Endocrine Disrupting Compounds across Biological Scales PLoS ONE,

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