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Photo: Philipp Mayhew

Philipp Mayhew- BVM&S
Associate Professor
Surgical & Radiological Sciences

1418 Tupper Hall
Davis, CA 95616-8745

+1 530 752 0315


Research Focus

Broadening the evidence base for minimally invasive soft tissue surgical procedures in small animals. Design of new laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures for use in small animal clinical practice

Specialty Focus

Small animal soft tissue surgery, minimally invasive surgery and surgical oncology.


1996 BVM&S Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Honors and Awards

2005 American Association of Veterinary Clinicians Residency Award
2004 Veterinary Medical Student Government Teaching Award
2004 The Mark Bloomberg Resident Research Award. Veterinary Orthopedic Society


Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Pennsylvania - Inactive license
Delaware - Inactive license
Washington - Inactive license
Illinois - Inactive license

Active Research Grants

Principal Investigator, Comparison of two pulmonary hilar closure devices in a rabbit model, (Principal Investigator), Center for Companion Animal Health

Principal Investigator, Use of impedance planimetry and high-resolution manometry for investigation of lower esophageal barrier function in dogs with and without hiatal herniation, (Principal Investigator), Center for Companion Animal Health

Co-Investigator, Assessment and comparison of lower urinary tract neoplasia size and location with multiple imaging modalities, Culp WTN (Principal Investigator), Center for Companion Animal Health

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2014 Naiman JH, Mayhew PD, Steffey MA, Culp WTN, Runge JJ, Singh A Laparoscopic treatment of ovarian remnant syndrome in dogs and cats: 7 cases (2010-2013) J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2014 Runge JJ, Mayhew PD, Case JB, Singh A, Mayhew KN, Culp WTN Single-port laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy in dogs and cats: 25 cases (2009-2014) J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2014 Mayhew PD, Mayhew KN, Shilo-Benjamini Y, Kass PH, Pascoe PJ Prospective evaluation of access incision position for minimally invasive surgical organ exposure in cats J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2014 Soares JH, Brosnan RJ, Smith A, Mayhew PD Rabbit model of chest wall rigidity induced by fentanyl and the effects of apomorphine Respir Physiol Neurobiol ,
  • Link Icon 2014 Smith AL, Mayhew PD, Soares JH, Kass PH, Brosnan RJ Hilar closure using staplers or Hem-o-lok clips in a rabbit model J Surg Res ,
  • Link Icon 2014 Shaver SL, Mayhew KN, Sutton JS, Mayhew PD, Runge JJ, Brown DC, Kass PH Complications after corrective surgery for lateral patella luxation in dogs: 36 cases (2000-2011) J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2014 Mayhew PD, Culp WTN, Hunt GB, Steffey MA, Mayhew KN, Fuller M, Della-Maggiore A, Nelson RW. Comparison of preoperative morbidity and mortality rates in dogs with noninvasive adrenocortical masses undergoing laparoscopic versus open adrenalectomy J Am Vet Med Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2014 Zwingenberger AS, Daniel L, Steffey MA, Mayhew PD, Culp WTN, Hunt GB Correlation between liver volume, portal vascular anatomy and hepatic perfusion in dogs with congenital portosystemic shunt before and after placement of ameroid constrictors Vet Surg ,
  • Link Icon 2014 Hunt GB, Culp WTN, Mayhew KN, Mayhew P, Steffey MA, Zwingenberger A Evaluation of in vivo behaviour of ameroid ring constrictors in dogs with congenital portosystemic shunts using computed tomography Vet Surg ,
  • Link Icon 2013 Mayhew PD, Hunt GB, Steffey MA, Culp WTN, Mayhew KN, Fuller M, Johnson LR, Pascoe PJ Evaluation of short-term outcome after lung lobectomy for resection of primary lung tumors via video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery or open thoracotomy in medium- to large-breed dogs J Am Vet Med Assoc,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2013 Mayhew PD, Berent A: Treatment strategies for urinary sphincter mechanism incompetence, Monnet E, (ed), , Ames, IA. 552-561.

2013 Mayhew PD, Berent A: Ureteral ectopia and urinary incontinence, Monnet E, (ed), , Ames, IA. 538-551.

2013 Mehler SJ, Mayhew PD: Other surgical diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract: Cholecystitis, neoplasia, infarct and trauma, Monnet E, (ed), , Ames, IA. 485-487.

2013 Mehler SJ, Mayhew PD: Extrahepatic biliary tract obstruction, Monnet E, (ed), , Ames, IA. 462-484.

2013 Mehler SJ, Mayhew PD: Gallbladder mucocele, Monnet E, (ed), , Ames, IA. 457-461.