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Yoosook Lee- BS, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology


Research Focus

Population Genetics; Vector Biology; Bioinformatics

Specialty Focus



2000 BS Life Science, POSTECH, Pohang, Kyungbuk, South Korea
2006 PhD Biology, University of California - Los Angeles,
2011 Postdoc. Researcher Population Genetics, University of California - Davis,

Honors and Awards

2003 Best Paper Award, 8th International conference on artificial life and robotics
2008 William C. Reeves New Investigator Award 3rd place winner, 2008 Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California Annual Conference.
2010 BioMed Central Open Data Award 2009 Winner at the 4th BioMed Central Annual Research Award, London, UK, Jun 10, 2010
2010 Journal of Medical Entomology 2009 Editor's Choice Award for Lee et al. 2009. JME.

Active Research Grants

Co-Investigator, An.gambiae immune signaling gene SNPs and natural P. falciparum infection, Gregory Lanzaro & Shirley Luckhart (Principal Investigator), NIH

Co-Investigator, Ecological and genetic determinants of malaria transmitting behaviors in the African vector Anopheles arabiensis, Gregory Lanzaro (Principal Investigator), NIH

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2012 Cornel A, Lee Y, Fryxell RT, Seifert S, Nieman C, Lanzaro G CULEX PIPIENS SENSU LATO IN CALIFORNIA: A COMPLEX WITHIN A COMPLEX? J Am Mos Control Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2012 Trout Fryxell RT, Seifert SN, Lee Y, Sacko A, Lanzaro G, Cornel A The kdr mutation and knockdown time in Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae) collected from Mali evaluated through a bottle bioassay and a novel insecticide treated net (ITN) bioassay J Am Mosquito Control Assoc,
  • Link Icon 2012 Trout Fryxell RT, Nieman CC, Fofana A, Lee Y, Traore SF, Cornel AJ, Luckhart S, Lanzaro GC Differential Plasmodium falciparum infection of Anopheles gambiae s.s. molecular and chromosomal forms in Mali Malaria J,
  • Link Icon 2012 Demirci B, Lee Y, Lanzaro GC, Alten B Altitudinal genetic and morphometric variation among populations of Culex theileri Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae) from northeastern Turkey J Vector Ecol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Demirci B, Lee Y, Lanzaro GC, Alten B Identification and characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in Culex theileri Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae) J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Lee Y, Seifert SN, Fornadel CM, Norris DE, Lanzaro GC Single nucleotide polymorphisms for high-throughput genotyping of Anopheles arabiensis in East and Southern Africa J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Lee Y, Seifert S, Nieman CS, McAbee RD, Goodell P, Trout R, Lanzaro GC, Cornel AJ High degree of single nucleotide polymorphisms in California Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) sensu lato J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2012 Wong J, Chu YY, Stoddard ST, Lee Y, Morrison AC, Scott TW Microsatellite-Based Parentage Analysis of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Using Non-Lethal DNA Sampling J Med Entomol,
  • Link Icon 2011 Sanford MR, Demirci B, Marsden CD, Lee Y, Cornel AJ, Lanzaro GC Morphological Differentiation may Mediate Mate-Choice between Incipient Species of Anopheles gambiae s.s. PLoS One,
  • Link Icon 2011 Marsden CD, Lee Y, Neiman C, Sanford MR, Dinis J, Marins C, Rodrigues AR, Cornel AJ, Lanzaro GC Asymmetric introgression between the M and S molecular forms of the malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae, maintains divergence despite extensive hybridization Mol Ecol,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2008 Lee Y, Collier TC, Taylor CE, Stabler EP: Cohesion of languages in grammar networks, J Shamma, (ed), Cooperative Control of Distributed Multi-Agent Systems, Chichster, UK. .