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Photo: Boaz Arzi

Boaz Arzi- DVM
Assistant Professor
Surgical & Radiological Sciences

2303 VM2
Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 4192


Research Focus

Oral and maxillofacial regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, maxillofacial reconstruction, temporomandibular joint

Specialty Focus

Dentistry & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
Diplomate,European Veterinary Dental College.

Active Research Grants

Assistant Researcher, TMJ Disc Regeneration, Athanasiou (Principal Investigator), NIH:NIDCR

Assistant Researcher, Engineering Lubrication in Tissue Engineered Cartilage, Kyriacos A. Athanasiou, PhD and A. Hari Reddi, PhD (contact PI) (Principal Investigator), NIH/NIAMS

Assistant Researcher, Self-assembling process in tissue engineering articular cartilage, Athanasiou (Principal Investigator), NIH/NIDCR

Co-Investigator, Cat oral squamous cell carcinoma tyrosine kinase receptor expression., Dr. Ellen Sparger (Principal Investigator), CCAH

Assistant Researcher, Digital IR system for combat medical applications - in vivo proof of concept, Jerry Hu (Principal Investigator), DoD Flow-Through Funds

Co-Investigator, Tissue engineered cartilage from autologous, dermis-isolated, adult, stem (DIAS) cells, Kyriacos A. Athanasiou (Principal Investigator), California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

Principal Investigator, Autologous Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem-Cell Therapy for Cats with Chronic, Non-Responsive Gingivostomatitis, (Principal Investigator), Center for Companion Animal Health

Principal Investigator, Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem-cell therapy for cats with chronic, non-responsive gingivostomatitis, phase II, (Principal Investigator), Winn Feline Foundation for Miller Trust Funds

Most Recent 10 Publications

  • Link Icon 2013 Arzi B, Cissell DD, Verstraete FJM, Kass PH, DuRaine GD, Athanasiou KA Computed tomographic findings in dogs and cats with temporomandibular joint disorders: 58 cases (2006-2011) Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association,
  • Link Icon 2012 Fulton A, Arzi B, Murphy B, Naydan D, Verstraete FJM The expression of calretinin and cytokeratins in canine acanthomatous ameloblastoma and oral squamous cell carcinoma Veterinary and Comparative Oncology. doi: 10.1111/j.1476-5829.2012.00356.x,
  • Link Icon 2012 Fulton A, Fiani N, Arzi B, Lommer M, Kuntzi H, Verstraete FJ Outcome of surgical endodontic treatment in dogs: 15 cases (1995-2011) Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association,
  • Link Icon 2012 Nemec A, Arzi B, Murphy B, Kass PH, Verstraete FJ Prevalence and types of tooth resorption in dogs with oral tumors American Journal of Veterinary Research,
  • Link Icon 2012 Responte DJ, Arzi B, Natoli RM, Hu JC, Athanasiou, KA Mechanisms underlying the synergistic enhancement of self-assembled neocartilage treated with chondroitinase-ABC and TGF-ß1. Biomaterials,
  • Link Icon 2012 Thomasy SM, Cissell DD, Arzi B, Vilches-Moure JG, Lo YW, Wisner ER, Dubielzig RR, Maggs DJ Case Report: Restrictive orbital myofibroblastic sarcoma in a cat – Cross-sectional imaging (MRI & CT) appearance, treatment, and outcome Veterinary Opthalmology,
  • Link Icon 2012 Willard VP, Arzi B, Athanasiou KA The attachments of the temporomandibular joint disc: A biochemical and histological investigation Archives of Oral Biology,
  • Link Icon 2012 Arzi B, Willard VP, Huey DJ, Verstraete FJ, Vapniarsky-Arzi N, Athanasiou KA The temporomandibular joint disc of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) and African elephant (Loxodonta Africana) European Journal of Wildlife Research,
  • Link Icon 2011 Arzi B, Verstraete FJ Repair of a bifid nose combined with a cleft of the primary palate in a 1-year-old dog Veterinary Surgery,
  • Link Icon 2011 Arzi B, Wisner ER, Huey DJ, Kass PH, Hu J, Athanasiou KA A proposed model of naturally occurring osteoarthritis in the domestic rabbit Lab Animal,

Most Recent 5 Book Chapters

2012 Arzi B, Verstraete FJ.: Clinical staging and biopsy of maxillofacial tumors, IN Verstraete FJ and Lommer MJ, (ed), Oral and maxillofacial surgery in dogs and cats. 373-80.

2012 Verstraete FJ, Arzi B, Bezuidenhout AJ: Surgical approaches for mandibular and maxillofacial trauma repair, IN Verstraete FJ and Lommer MJ, (ed), Oral and maxillofacial surgery in dogs and cats. 259-64.