Foley Laboratory in Infectious Disease Ecology

Picturesque old cemetary in northern California with habitat typical for high densities of Ixodes pacificus ticks.

Laboratory in Infectious Disease Ecology

Welcome to our lab! We study the ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases in animal and human populations. Much of our work focuses on wildlife, especially small mammals, but we also study disease in humans, laboratory animals, and domestic animals as well. Members of the laboratory are particularly interested in the epidemiology and community ecology of vector-borne diseases, emerging infectious diseases in wildlife, tick, mite and flea-vectors of disease, and the theory and mathematical modeling of vector-borne diseases in communities. Special interests include international veterinary medicine and ecological research (Asia, Australia, Panama, Nicaragua, and Mexico), granulocytic anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, Rickettsia species, mange, leptospirosis, and tularemia. 

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