Foley Laboratory in Infectious Disease Ecology

Janet Foley

Field of Interest
Janet Foley is a veterinarian and disease ecologist who studies the ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases in animal and human populations. She has a PhD in the ecology of infectious diseases (UC Davis, 1995) and a DVM (UC Davis, 1993), emphasizing medicine of small animals, laboratory animals, and wildlife. Her research interests are granulocytic anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, and plague, ticks, mange mites, and small mammals.
Janet is a mom of two children (Colin and Brangwyn) and a myriad of pets, notably Cassidy the dog, Sierra, Arana, Pascal, Jack, Panda, and Linda the cats, turtles, a cockatiel and chickens. She likes to read, hike, work, and travel.

Disease Ecology, MPM 408 (Veterinary Research), Integrative Pathobiology Core II, Infectious Disease, and Vector-borne disease epidemiology


SVM MPVM, member, master-adviser, Curriculum Committee member, Executive Committee memberSVM Graduate Group in Epidemiology, member, master-adviser, Admissions Committee member, Curriculum Committee member, Executive Committee memberSVM Graduate Group in Comparative Pathology memberAcademic Senate Committee on Research chair; Executive Council member;Grad Group in Ecology memberGraduate Group in Animal Biology, member and Executive Committee memberProvost’s Committee of Senate Chairs memberUC ANR Sustainable Natural Ecosystems Initiative Panel memberGlobal Disease Biology undergraduate major memberCalifornia tick-borne disease working group memberDept. of Interior ad hoc Amargosa vole committee memberEuropean Cooperative in the Field of Science and Technology Research member 

International Interests

Panama, Italy, China, Mongolia, Mexico, Australia

Foreign Languages 


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