Foley Laboratory in Infectious Disease Ecology

Nora Allan

Nora received her BS in Animal Science, with an emphasis in animal behavior, from UC Davis in 2012. To further pursue her interest in conservation, Nora studied Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland, receiving an MS in 2014. While there, she studied everything from rainforest ecology to environmental philosophy and conservation planning.

After receiving her MS, Nora volunteered with the Wilson Performance lab at the University of Queensland. There she assisted with trapping and running performance tests on an endangered native marsupial, the northern quoll, to help determine how the presence of mining in their native habitat affects their motor development. Nora later worked with the lab to establish a captive breeding colony of another native marsupial, the buff-footed antechinus. She assisted with husbandry, handling, and developing physical performance studies to determine what this newly-described sub-species was capable of.

Currently, Nora is a Scientific Aid with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, managing a colony of endangered Amargosa voles as part of the captive propagation program at UC Davis. She monitors health within the colony, oversees student volunteers, and assists with husbandry.

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