Foley Laboratory in Infectious Disease Ecology

Nicole Stephenson

Nicole Stephenson completed her undergraduate and veterinary training at the University of California, Davis. In 2010, she returned to the University of California, Davis for a Masters of Preventative Veterinary Medicine and in 2011, she began a PhD in Epidemiology. At present she is developing a One Health project in collaboration with the CDC, California Department of Public Health and Humboldt State University, studying health disparities and risk factors for human and animal tick borne disease in Humboldt County.

Her intermediate-term goals (3-5 years) are to complete a more in-depth One Health assessment of the epidemiology of tick-borne disease in Humboldt County by addressing the role that wildlife and the environment play in disease transmission and risk factors. In the long-term (5+ years) she hopes to contribute to changes in health care access in Humboldt County that will eliminate these health disparities and improve health care and institute educational programs in the community about tick prevention and early tick-borne disease diagnosis and treatment.

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