Resources for GGE Students

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Following is a list of links to resources that can help you in the process of applying for and participating in the Graduate Group in Epidemiology.

Resources for Epidemiologists on the Web

UC Davis Biostatistics Graduate Program

  • Graduate study in Biostatistics is coordinated through the UC Davis Graduate Group in Biostatistics, which provides interdisciplinary biostatistical research and training activities for students. The program offers the degrees Ph.D. in Biostatistics and M.S. in Biostatistics.

Epidemiology Literature Online

Useful Computer Software

  • CDC Epidemiologic Software (EpiInfo, EpiMap, etc)
  • The link to the diagnostic test, Betabuster and TAGS, are no longer working and the program is not available to our knowledge.

Useful Epidemiology

  • "Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet, and Global Health"

Other University and Community Attractions and Resources