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California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory

The California Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) Laboratory System is the backbone of California's warning system that helps to protect the health of California's livestock and poultry.  CAHFS serves the people of California by safeguarding the public health with rapid and reliable diagnoses for animal diseases affecting humans. CAHFS operates in partnership with the CDFA, UC Davis, California, veterinarians, and livestock and poultry producers.

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Center for Equine Health

General CEH operating support

The CEH General support fund allows the CEH to perform a wide array of investigations critical to equine health. Research is currently underway to advance understanding of orthopedic conditions, colic, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, neonatal disorders, metabolic disturbances and many more. Teams of scientists are addressing critical industry issues such as musculoskeletal health, arena footing science, and genetic basis of disease. This work translates into improved preventative, diagnostic and treatment options for the care of your horse.

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Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lectureship Endowment

Supports the annual lectureship.

Provides support to the annual lectureship named in honor of long time teaching hospital farrier, Charlie Heumphreus. Gifts to the endowment help keep the event free to attendees.

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Disaster Preparedness Training Fund

Community Support

Support the Center for Equine Health in its efforts to provide education and training on the proper handling and care of animals during disasters.

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Equine Cancer Research

Provide support for cancer research in horses

Provides support to research studies focused on improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer in horses.

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Equine Tribute and Memorial Fund

Tribute and Memorial Program for veterinarians

Provides an opportunity to pay tribute to or memorialize special horses. Gifts to the Tribute and Memorial program provide support to clinical research studies sponsored by the Center for Equine Health.

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J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory

General support for the J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory

The J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory provides an environment for multidisciplinary studies pertaining to musculoskeletal disorders of animals and man. The goals of researchers participating in the laboratory include enhancing the understanding of the pathophysiology of musculoskeletal diseases of performance, companion, and production animals; wildlife; and man; and elucidating therapeutic and preventive techniques to combat these diseases.

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UC Davis Pastured Poultry Farm

The UC Davis Pastured Poultry Farm is a new interdisciplinary education and innovation facility for pastured poultry production. Its main objective is to disseminate best practices relative to raising poultry (layers and broilers) on pasture via research, teaching and outreach.

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Veterinary Emergency Response Team

To provide emergency response to assist animals in disasters.

To provide support to the Veterinary Emergency Response Team mobilized during disasters and animal emergencies.

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VMTH Large Animal Clinic


Provides support to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital's Large Animal Clinic for priority needs, such as equipment, supplies, facility improvements, resident specialty training, etc..

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