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Planning International Research

Managing International Research Projects

Travel Medicine Program – Occupational Health Services

  • Advertise no cost pre-trip and post trip exams, vaccines/immunizations, and health planning for international travel
  • Missed appointments incur a t $50 missed appointment fee
  • Only available to Faculty and Staff

Cyber Security Guidelines:

Before you travel:

  • Delete all stored personal and/or sensitive information (bank statements, W2s, IRS documents, etc) from your mobile device before traveling.
  • Be sure your security software is up to date.
  • If you don’t have it already, install and enable security software to protect against malicious applications, viruses, spyware, and malware-based attacks.
  • Install and enable encryption to protect information stored or sent by mobile devices.
  • Use a password or other user authentication (like biometrics if the device is capable of such feature).
  • Install and activate wiping and/or remote disabling to erase the data on your mobile device if it is lost or stolen.
  • Disable and do not install or use file-sharing applications.
  • Install and enable a firewall to block unauthorized access.

While traveling:

  • Maintain physical control of your mobile device. Know where it is at all times to limit the risk of unauthorized use.
  • Avoid or use caution when using unknown/public WiFi (at airports, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc). If you do need to connect to a public WiFi do not send or receive sensitive information.
  • Research mobile applications (apps) before downloading.
  • If your device is stolen, report it immediately to the local US Embassy or Consulate.

When you return:

  • Check devices for malware and change all your passwords including your voicemail.